Friends Friday Five

For today’s Friday Five, write a little tribute to five of your friends! What makes them super special to me? What gifts do they bring to our friendship?

I have so many great friends so I’m going to start with my first five and then will do a few more posts in the next couple days! I don’t want to miss anyone!

1. My friend Heather who blogs at MissionBound! She is living in Japan currently with her husband! Heather is teaching English over there! One of the reasons I love her is she isn’t afraid to travel! She totally got me to spread my wings when it comes to taking adventures! I hope she doesn’t take this as a negative because I don’t see it as that…I love her quirkiness! I love reading about her and David’s adventures in Japan!

2. Sarah who blogs at EveryDayHoly and just joined the RevGals! We worked and met at SuperAwesomeBibleCamp! She loves being outdoors and I love that about her! I love that she randomly texts me….texts as simple as “have a great vacation!” I love reading her blog even though it is random (her words not mine)! She is such an amazing friend! One of her recent blog posts where she talks about singleness really hit home with me… Another reason I love her…she totally gets me!

3. Joni or as my blog readers may recall I often call her SonflowerChild on here! She is my best friend! We can laugh together! We can cry together! We support each other!We just simply get each other! We both dream to find our Mr Rights and have a family! I love everything about our friendship especially that it is firmly grounded in faith in a different way than most! It’s hard to describe and put into words!

4. Jen!!! We just met recently! We were introduced through a mutual friend who simply thought we’d hit off! We did!! I feel like we’ve known each other forever! Already like a sister to me! I immediately felt Peoria when we met! So cool! Excited for our friendship to grow and to learn more about each other! I love that we both work in a church in similar type positions and we can relate to what it’s like! Love her!!!

5. Pr. Dana and his wife Sue! They are aaaamazing!! I met them last summer at the Lutheran Academy of the Rockies! We hiked; we talked; we got to know each other better! I love Sue’s passion for helping those in need! I admire the wonderful work she is doing in the name of Christ! I love watching their relationship!so sweet and honest! Pr D is such a fun guy;rides a motorcycle, plays bass, etc! I love that he is who he is! They are blessings in my life in so many ways! Like a second set of parents to me in a lot of ways!

Here’s five! I’ll post more in the next few days! So don’t worry if I didn’t include you yet, your day is coming too! Love you all!! Which friendships are special to YOU??!

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