Finding Peace in an Unlikely Place

It’s that time of the year when scary movies come to our television and move screens. During those movies, cemeteries often become a place of fear. Yet that’s not what a cemetery is at all.

Have you ever taken the time to walk through a cemetery reading the headstones? I remember a story one of former colleagues told me one time. He took his junior high age daughter to a cemetery and told her to read the headstones. After awhile, he asked, “What did you notice?” She had found her favorite aunts headstone. She replied, “They were moms, dads, etc. To which this colleague replied, “Exactly. Cemeteries are not scary places filled with ghouls, goblins, etc. Its a place where someone’s grandma, grandpa, aunt, uncle, mom, dad, brother, sister, etc are resting. It’s a holy place.”

Cemeteries are indeed holy places. They bring about a sense of peace knowing our loved one is resting peacefully and is united with Jesus. Just the other day, my family friend Jim’s daughter Madison shared how she didn’t know that a cemetery would give her so much peace. But it’s where she most feels her dads presence.

Cemeteries are incredibly beautiful. Think of the stories they can tell. I will always remember standing at Jims burial and turning and seeing Rachel’s grave next to his. Two beautiful beloved children of God. It was a poignant moment; a reminder of God’s great love for God’s people.

I also remember standing and watching as my Grandpa Sam’s urn was buried at the feet of his mom and dad. Then several years later, Grandma Bess being buried next to all of them. A lot of love is held in that one grave.

So if you have lost someone, it’s totally ok to sit and chat with them. It’s ok to sit at the cemetery to feel peace and love. Because I promise, cemeteries are filled with so much love. It’s truly a holy place.

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8 thoughts on “Finding Peace in an Unlikely Place

  1. I love this, friend! A friend and I walked through one of our cemeteries this summer because it was a quiet place close to her house and we read several of the stone and stopped to ponder a bit of their stories and honor their memories.

    We haven’t lost very many people locally –and while the two we have are buried side by side, we haven’t gone to spend much time there ourselves, but other family definitely have.

    I love how you have removed the ‘holiday’ fear of cemeteries and replaced it with honor and peace that reside there!

  2. This is so true, Tara. I never thought about it that way until I lost my son in 2015. There was a peace garden where all the children under 5 and all stillbirth babies were laid to rest. It was both sad and sweet to think about how those babies were loved and missed, but I was so thankful to know my son was with Jesus.

  3. ” I am standing on holy ground, and I know that there are angels all around.”

    Your post reminded me of this hymn. I want to slow down and take time to notice the times in life where the Sacred meets the ordinary. Thank you so much for sharing your heart, Tara.

  4. It is a very unlikely place! Thank you for bringing this up because I haven’t looked at it this way before! A lot of love rests there and that thought alone brings peace.

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