Fab Friday Five

1. When February comes along, how do you feel about the coming month? I am usually ready for spring when February comes along.

2. What memories do you have about Valentine’s Day? Are you doing anything to observe it this year? I remember getting Valentine’s cards from my grandparents, parents, etc. I dont remember doing anything too special. As I am single, I will not be observing V-Day this year.

3. It is interesting that Monday’s “Presidents Day” is not officially called that in every state. It is a U.S. federal holiday entitled “Washington’s Birthday.” Which is your favorite president and why? Boy thats a hard one to answer. I was a fan of Obama from the beginning but am not as happy with some of choices. Ive always loved Teddy Roosevelt since he has roots in ND.

4. Will you be celebrating Shrove Tuesday or Mardi Gras? How? Yes, we are having a clean-up day at church with pancakes after to celebrate Shrove Tuesday.

5. Any other ways to celebrate in February? Instead of Valentine’s day some friends and I sometimes hang out and celebrate Single Awareness Day.

Bonus: A Lenten book or website you recommend. Cant think of any

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