Captured in Time

Good Evening everyone! I hope this finds you all doing well. I just finished washing dishes and was going to watch Celebrity Fit Club but decided to post instead. I’ve been thinking a lot about photos lately. Its so awesome how so many wonderful things, memories, etc can be captured in a photo. I love scrapbooking so of course photos are a big part of that but there is so much more to a photo for me. I love how a photo can just capture a memory in time. I agree its probably not as great as being there but it does preserve that moment. Tonight I found myself once again scanning my scrapbooks. Each of my scrapbooks has stories to tell. There is the scrapbook of my family. There is the scrapbook of all those wonderful summers of camp. There is the scrapbook of college. And then I get to my last two scrapbooks, my scrapbooks of seminary…life, friends etc. Camp and seminary seem to be the only places that have warranted more than one scrapbook at the moment. As I look back on all of my photos, I find myself just sitting there, escaping to that time and place and thinking about how I felt, what it smelt like, what we ate and how it tasted, etc. Something about looking at pictures makes me smile and remember those times in my life that I want to treasure so closely to my heart. Maybe that is just why I have learned to appreciate photography and capture the beauty of each and every moment. In college, as a communications major, I had to take a photography class but needless to say, I wasnt very good at it. Maybe it was because I was suppose to take pics of certain things etc. I think now if I took that class, I would do much better. I think over the course of time I’ve really managed to appreciate and understand photography. What a wonderful gift to treasure and remember such awesome memories. I know some people dont like to have their pictures taken and part of me wonders why that is? I guess I really dont have an answer. I hope that in time they will let their pictures be taken without hesitation. For me, photography has become such a wonderful thing and I hope to capture the beauty of lifes moments through the pictures I take.

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  1. How true that photos can really capture a moment in time. Although, I am one of those people who doesn’t like having her picture taken. I think a bunch of it has to do with the fact I don’t like the way I look on film. I think the camera “adds ten pounds!” Lol. That, and I never know what to do when they tell us to pose or smile. My “fake” smile is lots different from my regular one, and the regular one is the one people like…. So, whatever. 🙂 I hope this has helped answer that question. Have a good one!

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