Cant Think of A Title…..So this is all you get!

I figured its time to update since I havent done it in almost a week. Today I got the call from Bowman. They decided that I do not fit their qualifications which I understand. I really and truly believe that they are looking for an associate pastor and not a diaconal minister. To be honest, Im a little relieved about the whole situation. I did however get a call from Bishop Duane about an opening in Fargo. He talked to the Bishop of Eastern North Dakota and asked Bishop Duane to send my paperwork. The church in Fargo is looking for someone to work with their youth and I really think Id enjoy living in Fargo. However it is not in Western North Dakota so we are just going to pray about all of this and God will eventually show me where God needs me to be. As for my friends, I must give them a little heck since they havent updated their blogs in a couple of days. Im getting antsy! Okay just kidding…Im sure you are all busy and will post when you get a chance. Take care. Keep warm. God bless!

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