Birthday Week Edition Sunday Blessings (or #48)

(1) Sleeping in until 10 am. I can’t remember the last time I slept in that late.

(2) Bonus winner on the #RallyRevGals blog contest. Fun way to start my bday week.

(3) The movie “Daddy Daycare.” It always makes me laugh!

(4) Receiving a letter in the mail explaining why a check I’ve been waiting for has been taking so long

(5) Bday card from my Dad and C

(6) Spending the day celebrating my birthday with my momma a day early

(7) A random call from my Daddy 🙂

(8) Bday lunch with PK and PB at Olive Garden. Thanks guys!

(9) PK’s wife M surprising me and bringing me a present.

(10) Bday texts from some really great people! Thanks MG, MW, DC and SM/LAM (still my fave greeting of the day seeing LAM’s sweet little face)

(11) FB! I wouldn’t normally say FB but it sure makes a girl feel incredibly utterly amazingly loved on her birthday.

(12) Finally receiving that check that was taking FOREVER!

(13) Bday cards from my sis and Gma and Gpa!

(14) An awesome night at Wild at Wines with my friend EG! Free food, wine and even having a bunch of strangers sing Happy Birthday to me!

(15) A nice breakfast with a parishioner talking about Thrivent

(16) Seeing my friend JH and having her stay overnight.

(17) A comment on my blog from my friend HSG who said my post made her smile. She made me smile too!

(18) Spending the day with my friend AN and being her assistant as she took pics etc this afternoon.

(19) Finding an awesome find at Menards tonight for $32 and it really works as an awesome coffee table!

(20) Getting to talk to my dear friend JK. Love her and her family!

(21) A thank you card from SH and MH for a gift I sent them for little OH. Glad you liked the outfit friends!

(22) Getting some baby snuggles in

(23) Seeing my dear friend TE

(24) An awesome new cross as a new to Western ND synod since last rostered leaders retreat

(25) Being blessed by a bunch of cool people including dear friends

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