The Best Call in The World..

Okay so maybe I didnt have the best call in the world but it was pretty good. Today at work I got the coolest compliment. I am working at a call center that takes orders for a national fast food chain. One of the supervisors came over and told me that the manager at one of the stores called and said that the order was the best order he had ever heard. The supervisor looked it up and it turns out it was my call. HOW COOL HUH! Makes it more fun to do my job even though I know this is a temporary job. Miss ya all lots. God bless!!

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  1. Congrats on your good call at work! I lived in GF for the past five years. My hubby and I just moved, and we miss GF a lot. I know some other people who work where you do, and they say it isn’t bad, they like it. It was weird cause I accidentally stumbled across your blog, and I saw you were from GF. Thought I’d say hi.

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