Am I Innocent?

Today was a busy day at work but I got some nice compliments. This girl Ashley and her mom Kathy work at SEI too. Kathy was like Ashley and I were talking about you at home last night. Ashley was saying how I was so much fun to work with and stuff. Her mom Kathy was like I dont think I can place her and Ashley was like, “It’s easy. She’s the friendliest one there.” It put a smile on my face and made me feel pretty good about myself. Also its a running joke at work that since Im the seminary graduate, people are going to come to me for confession etc. They are always giving me a hard time and telling me how they want to keep me sheltered. Funny huh! Today I was like I’m not as innocent as you think which got me to think about all of my friends still at the seminary. I think that if this people from work met all of you and you told them stories, I think theyd understand….dont you?!?! You taught me a few things during my time there right? Well hopefully a week from today Ill be posting again with some good news but until then (or before then if I have something to say), Ill close for now.

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