The Advent Light

This weekend has been busy for me. Saturday the church had their annual cookie and candy bazaar where the youth sell soup and sandwich. It went really well and I was really happy to have 10 youth show up to work. Then tonight we had our Advent Family Night. It was great. We did Holden Evening Prayer, sang a few hymns, etc. It was good. Now that this weekend is over, life should settle down a little as I prepare for the Christmas program which will be on the 17th of Dec.

Advent is one of my most favorite times of year. I love the waiting and preparing for the birth of the Christ child. The birth of this beautiful child brings such hope. He brings light in the midst of the darkness! One of my fave things to do during Advent is to turn on all my Christmas lights, light a few candles, turn off all the lights and just sit in the darkness. And as I sit in the darkness (well not complete darkness), I reflect on how the birth of Christ truly is a reminder that he is the light of the world that comes for each one of us and as that light he brings hope and peace and love. So this Advent season, I pray that you may see that Christ truly is the light of the world; the light that comes to bring light out of of the darkness! Have a Blessed Advent everyone!

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