Pie Friday Five

1) Are pies an important part of a holiday meal? ABSOLUTELY! Also coming from German-Russian heritage; kuchen is very important too. According to Wikipedia, Kuchen is defined as “A pie-like pastry, with a thick, “cakey” crust and a sweet custard based filling.”

2) Men prefer pie; women prefer cake. Discuss. Opposites attract right?!?! So this must be why men prefer pie and women prefer cake. I also think cake seems sweeter as where pie seems heartier.

3) Cherries–do they belong in a pie? Why not?

4) Meringue–if you have to choose, is it best on lemon or chocolate? CHOCOLATE OF COURSE!

5) In a chicken pie, what are the most compatible vegetables? Anything you don’t like to find in a chicken pie? I like a lot in my chicken pot pies; chicken, corn, carrots, celery, peas, etc


Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!! Last night we did an exercise during our worship. Each table was asked to give examples of thanklessness, thankfulness, and thank-filledness. For me thank-filledness is in the words of my colleagues wife “an attitude of gratitude.” Something we cant put into words. I think of my friends who lost their husband and cousin in Haiti yet they still want to go back to Haiti…to say thank you. How would you define thank-filledness? Or what is thank-filledness look like to you!

Unexpected Blessings Friday Five

Name five things that were unexpected in your life that you are now grateful for.

1. Seminary! I never in a million years thought God would call me to seminary but that is what happened. It has blessed my life in so many ways. I met some of my bestest friends while at seminary. I grew into the woman of faith that I am today there. I heard my call to Diaconal Ministry there. Wow….who would have ever thought I would end up there but it truly has blessed my life!

2. Corky- My dad’s new wife…I never thought mom and dad would get divorced but they did. Cork (her birth name is Cordell) is in no way my mom but she has been such a blessing to my sister and I.

3. Mom’s illness—I find myself thinking it’s odd for me to write this as an unexpected blessing but in some ways mom’s nervous breakdown has been that. If I could take it back, yeah, I probably would…I don’t like seeing mom sick etc. However when mom was sick, I took care of my sister. I looked out for Andrea. I grew up much faster which I wish wouldnt have had to happen but the reality is all of this stuff has made me into the woman I am today!

4. Thanksgiving with friends-The first Thanksgiving by myself I thought was going to be me chilling by myself but thankful I have wonderful friends who unexpectedly invite me to their holiday dinner. Thank you for such an unexpected blessing!

5. Im having a hard time coming up with my 5th one….I guess for me it probably will be when I finally meet my Mr. Right. Being single for so long I know what I want etc so the singleness in a way is an unexpected blessing!

Right Up My Alley Friday Five

1. What is your favorite movie for watching when curled up under a wooly blanket? Growing up in the Midwest, any movie is great for curling up with a blanket on a cold winter day. However my faves are probably the good old Holiday classes “Home Alone,” “A Christmas Carol,” etc.

2. Likewise, what book? Just about anything. But if I had to pick one, probably Danielle Steele’s book “Jewels.”

3. What foods do you tend to cook/eat when it gets cold? Chili in the crockpot, any kind of soup, comfort foods….grilled cheese, tuna casserole, etc

4. What do you like to do if you get a “snow day” (or if you don’t get snow days, what if you did)? Read, watch tv, bake

5. Do you like winter sports or outdoor activities, or are you more likely to be inside playing a board game? Do you have a favorite (indoors or out)? I like both! I loved growing up in the Midwest and going sledding with my friends. It was always so fun to play outside and then come in and warm up with a nice hot cup of hot chocolate or something. I do like playing indoor board games as well though. My family loves playing card games…Gin, 21, etc!

Fearfully and Wonderfully Made

Recently a young girl in Cooperstown ND committed suicide due to bullying at school. And she is only one of the many who has committed suicide in the past year. It’s a scary thing! I remember as a young child being a child who was picked on constantly. It was not a fun place to be at all. I had people in my life who constantly reminded me how special and loved I was. A lot of times it was much easier said than done to remember those words. Then when I was in a college, a good friend committed suicide. It was not something any of us expected, but it seems that for just a moment he forgot how loved and valuable he was. When I was working at my first call, I came across this quote. “I’m not loved by God because I’m valuable. I’m valuable because I’m loved by God.” What wonderful and powerful words! The truth is that each and every one of us was “fearfully and wonderfully made” in God’s image. If I could pray for one thing, it would be that NO ONE EVER FORGETS THAT. The truth is God loves us and that is what makes us valuable. NEVER EVER FORGET THAT YOU ARE FEARFULLY AND WONDERFULLY MADE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Insanity of Grace

I haven’t been in a writing mood much lately, but tonight I was inspired. The pastor that I work with wrote this beautiful piece about the pure insanity of grace. He shared it with us at our council meeting tonight. As I was driving home tonight, I kept thinking about that piece and the faces he wrote about and other faces Ive seen who capture that grace. I came home and immediately grabbed my computer. These words quickly formed in my head. I hope you like it!

The Insanity of Grace
By T

Who is this face;
This face that teaches
About the insanity of grace?

A woman rations her groceries
To help provide for those
Who need a little more
Than she does!

Is this a face
Of the insanity of grace?

A young man
Helps an older gentleman
When his car runs out of gas
On main street.

Is this a face
Of the insanity of grace?

A young child
Chooses to use
their allowance to buy toys
To help fill a shoebox
For a child in another country.

Is this a face
Of the insanity of grace?

A couple
Loads up their vehicle
To take clothes to a local mission.

Is this a face
Of the insanity of grace?

Yes, each face;
Each face is a face
That captures
The pure insanity of grace!

My Happily Ever After….

I was sitting at home tonight watching the movie “Never Been Kissed.” There is just something about this movie that always gets me. Maybe because in some ways, I see myself as Josie Gellar! I love the end of the movie. It seems like it isnt going to end happily and then he shows up. I wonder when my moment like that will happen but I also dont want to dwell on that moment. Im trying to find other ways to meet new people. I finally will be able to go to this writer’s group I found at the local library on Thursday evening. Im excited about that because maybe Ill meet someone special there but I also am not getting my hopes up! God will let it happen when it’s suppose to happen. I started reading this book called “Captiviting.” It is fantastic and really is making me look deep inside my heart at who I am etc. I know that in time my happily ever after will come!

Another Friday Five

We lead privileged lives.

True, some are more privileged than others but the fact that we are communicating right now via technological devices puts us in the privileged category.

There are many perks in my life for which I give thanks and then there are some that make everything right in the world during the moment I am enjoying them. I’m wondering what a few of those things – five to be specific – are for you.

1. Hot Tea in a Mug—I’m totally not a coffee drinker but during the winter months or just to relax, I love hot tea. There is just something so great about sitting down with a nice cup of tea and relaxing.

2. My Bed— I love my bed too! So good to be able to curl up in it when I want to nap or just head to bed for the night.

3. My friends (Camp friends, Seminary friends,RevGalBlogPals, Diaconal Ministry Friends etc—I don’t know where I would be without my friends. They are so great. And they all have blessed me beyond in words. I wish I got to see a lot of them WAY MORE than I do! However I am glad that we can communicate via FB, mail, email, Skype, etc.

4. Finding a new Nativity for my Nativity collection—When I was in college, I started a Nativity collection. There were just so many neat ones out there and so I love finding a new Nativity for my collection. I also like when someone gives me a new one for my collection. I have about 15 Nativity sets now! So cool!

5. Homemade Quilts–My grandma is a quilter and has made me some beautiful quilts. I also worked at a Bible camp who had a quilt auction every year as a fundraiser. I bought some quilts and others were given to me as gifts. They are all so precious and beautiful. I love curling up on the couch with one of my quilts on a cold winter day or even when Im feeling a little under the weather.

6. Books, Books, Books—I love to read!!! I love finding a new book and reading new books. I currently have a pile of “to read” books that have like 5 books or so on the pile. I like being able to hold the book in my hand so Im not sure I could ever buy a Nook or Kindle but who knows maybe Ill change my mind someday!

Well I posted more than 5 but oh well. I probably could have gone on for hours! Have a great day everyone! I think Im going to curl up with one of my quilts on the couch because I think Im coming down with something! 🙁