Back to School Friday Five

1) What was the hardest thing to leave behind when you went away to school for the first time? My family

2) We live in the era of helicopter parents. How much fuss did your parents make when you first left home? Actually they didnt make that big of a fuss.

3) Share a favorite memory of living with schoolmates, whether in a dorm or other shared housing. I have so many great memories. My seminary dorm days have some of my favorite memories. One of my favorite was the first day of classes and my birthday. We watched a clip from the movie “Chocolat” in class and decided to watch the rest of the movie that night. We met in the student lounge. I bought….yes, I bought….my own birthday cake. After the movie, we delved into the cake. We decided to eat the cake with our hands like piggies. We laughed so hard!!!! Still to this day one of my favorite birthday memories and one of my fave WTS memories. There was also the time a few of us from the dorms went to the “Field of Dreams” and had our own little adventure. So many wonderful memories!!!

4) What absolute necessity of college life in your day would seem hilariously out-of-date now? Probably my word processor

5) What innovation of today do you wish had been part of your life in college? A good cell phone

Bonus question for those whose college days feel like a long time ago: Share a rule or regulation that will seem funny now. Did you really follow it then? It hasnt been that long for me so I cant think of anything!

“Sticks and Stones…..”

A friend of mine just posted the other day about how words matter. So sooo soooo true! I love words! I love to create with words….poetry, stories, etc. The cool thing about words is how they have power…they can bring sadness, they can bring joy, they can bring hatred, etc etc. When I think of the power of words, I cant help but think of the kids saying, “Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me.” The truth is words CAN and DO hurt!!! I recently just finished reading Jodi Picoult’s book “Nineteen Minutes.” The book encompasses how words can affect us. I wont say more than that because I dont want to give away the end or the plot line of the book.

Words have a way of surprising us in unexpected ways. They do have power. I think of one of my first classes in seminary. I was in a small group and finally got up the courage to speak in class. One of my new classmates immediately shot me down and after that I wouldnt speak in class. I did finally get to a point where I felt comfortable but I will never forget the power of those words. (The ironic thing is that this person became one of my dearest friends and she did apologize). I am also reminded of the words of one of my seminary professors who reminded me that it was so much easier for me to walk out the door, shut the door and never look back. It took more courage for me to stick with it. Those words have had a profound impact on my life. They helped me realize that I could do anything I set my mind. Two situations….two different sets of words….two different ways words impacted my life.

What is it about words? Why do we feel the need to say mean things? Why don’t we realize why words are so important? How have words impacted you and your life?

Time to Clean Friday Five

1. What things do you like to hang on to? Certain items of clothing, pictures, etc

2. What is hard to let go of? Things with sentimental value

3. What is easy to give away? Clothes that dont fit anymore, knick-knacks

4. Is there any kind of stumbling block connected with cleaning out? Takes lots of time, energy, etc

5. What do you like to collect, hoard, or admire? I collect different types of Nativity scenes.

Bonus: Tell us about recycling or whatever you can think of that goes along with this muttering about cluttering. Hmmmm….I cant really think of anything for this one!

My ABC’s of Life

My friend Sarah did a blogpost the other day using the ABC’s. She challenged her friends/readers to do the same. I thought it sounded like fun so here are my ABCs of life as of today. Enjoy!

A-Andrea. My sister Andrea and I spent some time together at Camp of the Cross and with mom a couple weeks ago. It was so good to spend time with her since we dont get to do it that often. We are going to a F-M RedHawks game together on Thurs night too!

B-Books, Books, and more Books! I have so many books to read right now. I love reading but trying to find time to read is the key. Im almost done with my third book so far this summer but have like 6 or 7 more. I told myself I couldnt buy anymore books but then what do I do on Saturday…buy another book? Oh well they will come in handy during those cold winter months!

C-Camp of the Cross. It is always so good to spend some time in this place that will always hold a special place in my heart.

D-Dilworth Lutheran. I am so blessed to be part of this community of faith. Can hardly believe I just celebrated my 3rd anniversary there. Gearing up for the school year….confirmation, Sunday School, Milestones, etc.

E-Eat, Pray Love. My friend came to F-M on Friday and we went and saw this movie. I loved the book so was really looking forward to the movie. The movie was good and I enjoyed it but I will always love the book over the movie. I would love to do an Eat, Pray, Love trip….maybe someday when Im richer…..LOL!

F-Family. It is always good to spend time with family. It has been way tooo long. I know Dad is busy with the farm as is the rest of the fam. Hopefully soon we will get to spend some quality time together.

G-Garden Vegetables. I love garden veggies! I dont have a garden but I love going to farmer’s markets to find fresh produce. I also like when I come home to find surprises in front of my door. Tonight it was two fresh tomatos and a green pepper. How cool!

H-Happy! I am happy with my job, my family, my friends.

I-Iowa. I do miss Iowa and the castle sometimes!

J-Jack. My cousin’s 4 month old son needs prayers. He has been diagnosed with the same condition as his sister. He is strong and healthy. Jack is loved by so many!

K-Kite-Flying. So in my down-time I like to watch tv. Have you seen the kite-flyer on America’s Got Talent? Amazing huh!!!

L-LifeLight! I am so excited to go to the LifeLight music festival this year over Labor Day weekend. It will be good since I havent been there in two years. I also am excited to celebrate my birthday that weekend. I also am super stoked to see Francesca Battestelli in concert.

M-Mom. So this has two thoughts…One I love my mommy so dearly and am so glad to have spend some time with her…twice this summer at camp. The other–I yearn to be a mom myself.

N-North Dakota! I love ND and will always be a girl from the prairie. So good to get to spend some time in the prairie. I love being able to see the sky as far as I can see!

O-Older (but not sure about wiser…LOL) I will be just another year older on Sept 3.

P-Pet. I love my apartment but sometimes the loneliness gets to me and I yearn for a pet. I wonder what I would get…maybe a kitten, maybe a puppy. Who knows?

Q-Quilt Raffle. The church is having a fall dinner this year as a major fundraiser. We are currently selling raffles and the big raffle prize is this beautiful hand-made quilt.

R-Radishes. I love radishes but I like them even more when I can share them with my friends. You know who you are?!?!

S-Single! Still a single girl here. Yearning for Mr. Right, a family, etc so asking God for patience until it happens for me! Sooner rather than later would be nice!

T-Tweeting. Yes, I gave in and have a Twitter account! Its actually been fun learning how to Tweet.

U-Unique. “fearfully and wonderfully made in God’s image” What more can I say?!?! 🙂

V-Vocal. Its interesting that when I first started working at CCM, they couldnt get me to talk and now I cant shut up. Ive become very vocal about important issues in my life…most especially mental illnesses and diaconal ministry.

W-Wartburg and Its People. I love my seminary and miss it and the people. Im glad that I get to catch up with WTSers once a month or so. So good for my soul!

X-Xtreme heat and xylophone. So this is probably cheating but it has been soooo hot here lately. The last couple of days it has been nice to have some cooler area. Also Im stealing Sarah’s X word because I cant think of anything else. Ive always enjoyed listening to the xylophone.

Y-You! I miss you!

Z-Zero. Im with my friend Sarah! None left…all the letters are filled. You should check it out. Sarah’s right. It is harder than you would think! Give it a try!

A New Little Adventure

Hello Dear Faithful Readers! I made a decision the other day to start another blog for my writing…sermons, poetry, fiction writing, etc. It will let me share my writings with people in a safe place. You can check it out at Have a great day!

Prayers Rise Up Like Incense

“Prayers rise up like incense…..”

Asking you to send prayers up on behalf of my cousin, her husband, and their baby Jack. Jack is 4 months old. If you’ve been a follower of my blog for awhile now, you know that my cousin gave birth to a beautiful baby girl over two years ago. When her little girl Maia was born, Maia had issues with her heart and lungs. She was airflighted to Arkansas Childrens Hospital where she was cared for for the entirity of her life. My cousin finally got to hold her daughter when she was two months old. In fact, she just remembered that day on Thursday of this past week. Maia only lived to December of that year (two years ago). Then my cousin got pregnant and gave birth to Jack in May of this year. He had a few minor issues but they were able to take him home and he has been with them ever since. He was doing so well! In fact, on Friday, he looked perfect. Then yesterday he started sweating profusely, breathing heavily, etc. LeAnn took him to a clinic but they told her to take him to the ER so she did. They stayed at the hospital last night. Then this am, she flew with Jack to ACH. They weren’t really sure what was going on. As of a brief note this afternoon, it turns out that Jack has been diagnosed with the same condition as his sister Maia. I know there is a reason for all of this but I do find myself asking, “Why them again Lord?” It is extremely difficult for my cousin to be at ACH after losing Maia there two years ago. So please pray for the doctors, my cousin, her husband, baby Jack and the rest of their family. Jack is very much loved! Thank you!

“Prayers rise up like incense….”

Looking in All the Wrong Places?

Last night a friend and I went to see the movie “Eat, Pray, Love.” I was really looking forward to the movie because I really enjoyed the book and thought it would be interesting to see how true they stayed to the book etc. I enjoyed the movie and thought it was good. However I will always prefer the book over the movie! You MUST check out the book if you havent yet. Its a story of one woman’s search for meaning across Italy, India, and Indonesia (Bali)/

During the movie, Julia Roberts playing the part of Liz Gilbert made a comment about looking for things in all the wrong places. It is something that has been stuck in my brain since hearing it last night. Maybe I am looking in all the wrong places for the things I yearn for in life…a husband, family, etc.

I bought the book “Captivating” today. I’ve heard great things about the book and am excited to hear what this couple has to say. The main theme of the book is about how God captures a woman’s heart at least from what I can tell from the synposis on the back of the book. Maybe the book will help me to answer this question….am I looking in all the wrong places?

God, am I looking in all the wrong places?

Sum-Sum-Summertime Friday Five!

1. What is the weather like where you live?
Today its in the 70s which is nice. It has been hot and humid here this summer. Lots of storms and tornados etc this summer. More than usual!

2. Share one thing you love about this time of year.
I love being outside. I like to go swimming. I like to sit on my porch and read my book. Anything as long as I can be outside!

3. Share one thing you do NOT love about this time of year.
The mosquitoes!!!

4. How will you spend the remaining days leading up to Autumn? Getting ready for church stuff to gear back up, spending some fun time with friends and family, going to a baseball game, going to the LifeLight Christian Music Festival in Sioux Falls SD Labor Day Weekend and celebrating my bday that weekend as well!

5. Share a good summer memory.
I have so many great memories of summer. Working at Bible camp. Making spontaneous trips to Medora to the musical. Roadtripping with my family. Camping! Fairs! I have so many wonderful memories of summer I cannot just narrow it down to one!

Vacation Time is Over!!!

Hi Faithful readers! Sorry I haven’t been around lately. I went on vacation last week. If you remember, I did my little act of spontaneity last week. I made it safely to MI and we were able to drive the big U-Haul all the way to ND. It took us two full days of driving. It was fun to meet the new program director and talk about mutual friends we have. Im excited for her new journey at camp!!!

After returning, my sister and I were able to spend some time at camp and with our mom. It is always so good to spend time with mom. I am glad that we got to spend some good quality time with her. I know that she misses us and wishes she was closer but she is so happy at the place she lives at. And is even happier now that she has a roommate who she gets along with. YAY!!!

Nothing too exciting happing. Just trying to get back into the swing of things now that vacation is over. But so good to spend time with friends. I am already missing them! Hope you all have gotten to enjoy some vacation time with your families too!