Friday Fivin’ It

Please share with us five ways you redo or refresh or restore your body, your space, your blog, anything in your life that needs perking up this week.

1. For me, I like to get my hair done or have a girls day. Anything that doesn’t require a whole lot of thinking. Sometimes its just staying in my pjs until late in the afternoon on my day off.

2. For my blog, I often like to refresh it by posting a new blog entry or change the format/display on the home page.

3. Flowers always seem to brighten my life and my space too. Yellow roses are awesome.

4. When I was in college/seminary, I often would refresh my space by rearranging the layout etc or I would add new pictures etc. Something to make it look different and refreshed!

5. It’s also pretty amazing how a new outfit or new shoes can make me feel refreshed!

Free to Be Me!

I’ve been so busy I didn’t even realize that I had posted my 300th post. Too funny; oh well!

“I love you just the way you are and no title is ever going to change that.” These words were words a good friend said to me just a few days ago. They were definetely words I needed to hear at that time and place. She’s right! But why is that often so much easier said than done? Sometimes I find myself wondering if I can make myself better etc and wondering what I could do to find Mr. Right. Than I have to remind myself that I am exactly who God created me to be! Lately I’ve found that my new favorite song is the song “Free to Be Me” by Franchesca Batestilli. I love the song. I love that God created me with the freedom to be me! I just wish I would remember that more and not dwell on the negative. God loves me just the way I am so what can I do to feel connected to that love? A good friend posted an entry on her blog the other day that asked how we feel and experience the love, not mushy love, but the love of Christ? It got me thinking. For me, I experience God’s love with the people who accept and love me for me! That is so important to me! I may not be the coolest hippest person but at least I know they like spending time with me because they love me for me! I also experience it when I take the time to write poetry, novels, etc. These things remind me again that God has created me to be ME!

Now I Want To Go To A Movie Friday Five!

Share your preferences, opinions, and recommendations about movies! Choose 5 types of movies to discuss:

comedy—“Love Actually”. Not sure it fits here but I think it does. I love the storyline…such a great reminder of what love is. But there are so many other movies I could name in this category as well especially some of the classics “Happy Gilmore” etc.

foreign–For me, it is the movie “Once” I love this movie. I hadn’t heard about it until one of my friends mentioned it. I rented it soon after and fell in love with the movie. I love the soundtrack. I need to get my own copy of this movie. Such a great love story!

children’s—-This one is hard because I love children’s music. I really think I am a kid at heart. “Finding Nemo” is such a great movie! I love the storyline and just think it is so darn cute! I also love the movie “Because of Winn Dixie” which is probably meant for older children but it is so fantastic! I could watch that movie over and over and over again. The music of Dave Matthews is a great addition to the storyline!

western/cowboy—“8 Seconds” I don’t know why but I enjoy this movie so much! The story of Lane Frost. There is just something about this storyline. During my college days, I used to put in the dvd of this movie while doing my laundry.

Musical—-I ADDED MY OWN CATEGORY! I love, love, love the movie “Rent.” Whenever I am feeling down and out, I pop in this movie. I know that probably sounds strange since this movie can be depressing at times but for some reason, it lifts my spirits. I think because in the end, life starts looking up etc. They also find a way to live life even in the midst of the craziness! The music is so great. I love “Seasons of Love.” I hope someday I get to see this movie done on Broadway.

Bonus: Tell about the first movie you ever saw and/or the last one!

The last movie I saw in the theatre was “Julie and Julia”. It was with my good friend C and we had so much fun. After the movie, we both came out wanting to go home and cook. But that was a couple months ago. There are a lot of movies out in the theatre right now that I would LOVE to go see!