Winter Olympic Friday Five

What a great way to play my 300th post!

1) Which of the Winter Olympic sports is your favorite to watch?
I love watching them all but figure skating is probably my favorite if I had to choose!

2) Some of the uniforms have attracted attention this year, such as the US Snowboarders’ pseudo-flannel shirts and the Norwegian Curling team’s — ahem — pants. Who do you think had the best-looking uniforms? I actually like the pseudo-flannel shirts. ALl of the olympic stocking camps are pretty sweet!

3) And Curling. Really? What’s up with that? Curling becomes addicting if you start watching it or at least thats what Ive been told. Apparently it is a very strategic game.

4) Define Nordic Combined. Don’t look it up. Take a guess if you must. Nordic Combined is skiing down the hill and then switching to slolam runs doing the hill so it is downhill combined with slolam.

(There will be a prize for the best answer, but be aware, this is a judged sport.)

5) If you could be a Winter Olympics Champion just by wishing for it, which sport would you choose for winning your Gold Medal? Hmmmm….swimming or gymnastics

Very Early Friday Five

1. Did you celebrate Mardi Gras/Shrove Tuesday this year? Any memories of memorable celebrations past? Nope not really. We were going to do pancakes at church but no one really came. Maybe we will have to try again next year.

2. How about Ash Wednesday, past and/or present? There is something about Ash Wednesday that I enjoy. Probably because it enters us into the Lenten season. Last night was interesting. I really found myself reflecting on death…especially those lost in Haiti. Hard not to when we are talking about the fact that “you are dust and to dust you shall return.” I did have to chuckle last night when one of the parents of one of my youth ducked away when I went in to do the imposition of ashes. She then came back and was like Im just kidding!!!

3. Does your denomination or congregation celebrate “this joyful season”? Any special emphases or practices to share? We usually do some type of Lenten Bible study during Lent. This year it is a study by Trinity Seminary professor Mark Alan Powell.

4. Do you have a personal plan of give-ups, take-ons, special ministries, and/or a special focus for your own spiritual growth between now and Easter? Nope. I have a hard time giving stuff up but I like the idea of taking something on. Not sure what it would be this year though. Maybe Ill try to write more poetry, writings, etc during Lent.

5. What is your dream for the image of Christ coming to perfection in you, the church, the world? How can we support you in prayer? I would hope the image of Christ comes to perfection in me by me serving all God’s people, reaching out to all in need, loving all God’s people. It would be great if you prayed for peace and patience. This being single business is hard-stuff and I get frustrated by it. I also often have mixed emotions when many of my single friends are getting engaged and my married friends are having children/starting families etc. Also pray for all those that daily struggle with illnesses. Pray for my ministry at church. Pray for my friend Renee at the loss of her husband and Jon at the loss of his cousin Ben while on J-term in Haiti. Thank you!!!

Bonus: Song, prayer, picture, etc. that sums up your feelings about this liturgical springtime. For me lately, it has been Psalm 30. Ben Larson has a musical version of the song that is fantastic and I have listened to it much since his death in Haiti. I like how it talks about how weeping may come for the night but joy comes with the morning. We experience all of what Christ did for us but then he rises and promises he will come again. I love that image!!

Fab Friday Five

1. When February comes along, how do you feel about the coming month? I am usually ready for spring when February comes along.

2. What memories do you have about Valentine’s Day? Are you doing anything to observe it this year? I remember getting Valentine’s cards from my grandparents, parents, etc. I dont remember doing anything too special. As I am single, I will not be observing V-Day this year.

3. It is interesting that Monday’s “Presidents Day” is not officially called that in every state. It is a U.S. federal holiday entitled “Washington’s Birthday.” Which is your favorite president and why? Boy thats a hard one to answer. I was a fan of Obama from the beginning but am not as happy with some of choices. Ive always loved Teddy Roosevelt since he has roots in ND.

4. Will you be celebrating Shrove Tuesday or Mardi Gras? How? Yes, we are having a clean-up day at church with pancakes after to celebrate Shrove Tuesday.

5. Any other ways to celebrate in February? Instead of Valentine’s day some friends and I sometimes hang out and celebrate Single Awareness Day.

Bonus: A Lenten book or website you recommend. Cant think of any

February Friday Five

1. Exercise, what do you do if you can’t face getting out into the cold and damp?
I am an active Curves member. When I cant get outside, I try harder to make it to Curves. I love that I can work out in 30 minutes. I also love the woman that work out at the same time that I do…makes the time go so much faster.

2. Food; time to comfort eat, or time to prepare your body for the coming spring/summer? Im definetely a comfort eater and so wish I wasnt!

3. Brainpower; do you like me need to stave off depression, if so how do you do it?
Not usually but if I do, I try to talk to friends and/or do things that lift my spirit!

4. How about a story that lifts your spirits, is there a book or film that you return to to stave off the gloom? Because of Winn Dixie

5. Looking forward, do you have a favourite spring flower/ is there something that says spring is here more than anything else? I love daisies! For me, spring is here when there is no more snow on the ground and no more winter storms etc.

Bonus; post a poem/ piece of music that points to the coming spring……
I cant think of a poem or piece of music that points to spring at this time! 🙁

Thank You for Being A Blessing in My Life

The other day someone asked me “How many boxes of Kleenex have you gone through?” It kind of made me chuckle but than I realized the reality of the statement. The last month has not been the easiest. My heart ached when I heard the news of Ben Larson. I ached for the people of WTS knowing how that community is and always will be connected. I ached for Ben’s wife Renee who I had worked at Bible camp with in ND and who I consider a friend. I am glad that Ben’s body was able to be returned to the states; to Renee and the rest of Ben’s family. I hope this helps bring some closure for them.

In the midst of this tragedy, I have found myself realizing how blessed I am to have so many wonderful friends in my life. It also has made me realize how I dont often tell them enough. So to borrow from one of my friends, if I havent told you lately and if you have been in my life in some way or another, you are important to me and I am super blessed to have you in my life. Thank you for being a blessing in my life!!!!!!!!

May we continue to pray for Ben’s family and all the people of Haiti.