Friday Five Fun!

1. Wearing–Im wearing my new yellow Spirit in the Desert retreat center tshirt, jeans, and tennis shoes

2. Pondering–Im still reflecting and pondering on the awesome experience I had in Carefree AZ last weekend. It truly touched my heart and spirit in so many ways. Thanks be to God!

3. Reading—Im currently reading Lee Strobel’s “The Case for Easter.”

4. Dreaming—About camp and summer fun

5. Eating—nothing at this current moment

Sorry Ive been so slack lately but my computer is down for the count. My tower wont turn on at all! 🙁 Im heading out to camp this afternoon and tomorrow for a 4-6th grade retreat. I should get going. See you all again soon!

Holding On To This Experience!

I promised I would tell you about my retreat. What can I say? It was an absolutely amazing experience. I cannot even begin to describe how special this event was for me. My heart and spirit were touched and blessed in so many ways. I had some amazing conversations that really helped me think and reflect on my call to Diaconal Ministry. This retreat was exactly what I needed. I truly now know that I am not on this journey alone and that feeling helps me to continue to truck on. I wish I could explain this experience better but it is hard to put to words if you know what I mean. I know that I now have friendships with my brothers and sisters in Christ in Diaconal Ministry that will last a lifetime. This retreat experience and the feelings I felt there are definetely items that I will continue to hold on too in my Diaconal Ministry journey! Thanks be to God!

What A Gift Camp Friends Are!

I just wanted to let you all know I am heading to AZ for some continuing ed stuff so Ill be gone until about Tuesday of next. Please pray for safe travels. Also please continue to pray for the family and friends of my camp friend and her mother. It has been amazing to me how we as camp staff (past and present) are rallying around each other in the midst of these deaths. I don’t think people realize how close you get when you work at camp. You spend three months in close quarters. You spend three months getting to know each other, building trust and relationships, and growing in our faith together. I am sad that I wont be able to attend the memorial service but plan on going to the viewing this afternoon with a friend. Please also pray for all the camp staff, friends, and family traveling to the memorial service tomorrow. See you all next week!


I dont really have the words to describe how Im feeling right now. I just ask that you send prayers up right now. A camp friend and her mother were killed in a car accident this weekend. Please pray for all of us that were touched by their love.

Dental Friday Five

1. Are you a regular patron of dentists’ offices? Or, do you go
a) faithfully, as long as you have insurance, or
b) every few years or so, whether you need it or not, or
c) dentist? what is this “dentist” thing you speak of?

B…I try to go every couple of years. I am not a big fan of the dentist’s office but still want healthy teeth so try to go when I can. I probably should go soon. I havent been in a very long time.

2. Whatever became of your wisdom teeth?
I still have my wisdom teeth!

3. Favorite thing to eat that’s BAAAAAD for your teeth.
Probably cinnamon gummy bears!

4. Ever had oral surgery? Commiserate with me.

5. “I’d rather have a root canal than _________________.”
Hmmm than chase cattle!

Bonus: Does your dentist recommend Trident?
I dont remember my dentist every recommending Trident.

He is Risen!

HAPPY EASTER EVERYONE! Im at the church making a quick pitstop before I head to supper at a parishioner’s house. I hope you all are having a blessed day! Also if you havent check out the meme on my blog, Im waiting for people to play so I can play too.

Christ is risen! Christ is risen indeed! Alleluia!

A Meme on Maundy Thursday

I thought this looked like a fun meme and thought it would be fun to see what kind of answers people put. Answer my questions and Ill answer the questions about you. Hope you are having a good Maundy Thursday!

1) Tell me why you friended you.
2) Associate me with a song/film.
3) Tell a random fact about me.
4) Tell your first memory of me.
5) Associate me with a character/pairing.
6) Ask something you’ve always wanted to know about me (Play nice)

1) Tell you why I friended you.
2) Associate you with a song/film.
3) Tell a random fact about you.
4) Tell a first memory about you.
5) Associate you with a character/pairing.
6) Ask something I’ve always wanted to know about you.

I Thought It Was Spring!

I thought spring was supposed to be here but guess not. Just the other day it was 80 degrees here and now today it is snowing like crazy. The ground is completely white and this morning when I came to work, I could see the ground. Im so ready for spring to be here. I am sick of being cooped up inside and stuff. Oh well. Hope everyone is staying warm! And if you haven’t had a chance checkout the poem I wrote that was posted two posts ago, please check it out! I’m always interested in knowing what others think. Have a blessed Holy Week and a Happy Easter!