Fairly Simple Friday Five

This Friday Five is Fairly Simple. Name five things you have enjoyed this week.

1. The first thing I enjoyed this week was driving to Sioux Falls SD, spending some time with my good friend Carrie, and attending the LifeLight Festival. It was great despite the fact it was rainy and chilly most of the weekend. LifeLight is one of the biggest outdoor christian concerts…100 concerts on 6 stages. Its awesome. We saw Audio Adrenaline, Casting Crowns, SuperChick, Jeremy Camp, Philips Craig and Dean, Rebecca St James etc. It was such a fun and good time.

2. The second thing was celebrating my 28th birthday on Sunday Sept 3. I drove home from Sioux Falls that morning, went to my dads, helped him paint the house and spent time with him and his girlfriend. She even made me a bday cake which was really cool!

3. The third thing was getting to see some good friends from camp that I worked with. I havent seen them for a while so it was good to hook up with them and catch up. We were going to try and hook up again at LifeLight but it was so crowded and busy that we never really got a chance to catch up after our first meeting.

4. The fourth thing was just getting to relax, read a good book, catch up on some emails, and getting some comments on my blog. I love getting comments on my blog!

5. Last but not certaintly not least was seeing my mom today. A lady from my church drove to the town my mom is in for a dr’s appointment so she let me come with her. Mom and I went out to eat, visited, walked, etc. I only got to see her for a couple hours which she was happy about but it was hard for her to let me leave. With her nerves, she gets emotional easily. But it still was good to spend time with her and see her!

A Fun Weekend

No I didnt fall off the face of the Earth, its just been busy since I got back from my little vacation away. This weekend was a blast. It was so good to see my good friend C this weekend. LifeLight was great. However because it was out in a field and stuff, it was pretty muddy. The concerts were fab though. We saw Rebecca St James, Philips Craig and Dean, Audio Adrenaline, Jeremy Camp, Casting Crowns, SuperChick, etc. Because it was so muddy and the parking lot had gotten so torn up on Friday night, they didnt open until 2 when they were supposed to open at 10 in the morning. Some concerts got shifted around etc but it was still fun. It was just good to just “be” with this friend. That is so important for us all to do. I even ran into some camp staff I had worked with so it was good to see them and catch up with them too. Sunday which just happens to have been my bday, I drove back to my dads. My dads girlfriend had made me a bday cake which was awesome. We painted the house with primer. I stuck around and helped and drove back yesterday morning. They were glad to have the extra set of hands because it helped them to get more done. It had rained this weekend there too so they didnt get to paint all weekend like they originally thought. My dad and his gf plan on selling our house, moving into a new house, etc. Maybe they will get married some day…who knows? So now I am back from a great weekend and ready to start the craziness that fall brings at church with Sunday School, Confirmation, etc. Guess its time to head to bed!