In The Dark

So I was watching 7th Heaven tonight and all of a sudden, the tv turned off and I looked around the house. The electricity went out. Needless to say, I sat pretty much in complete darkness for about two hours. My aunt was at her book club and my uncle was at the YMCA. It was quite fun I must say. I lit some candles, listened to my Go Fish Christmas CD and just sat in the dark. Lots of fun…LOL! Now the electricity is back on and I am checking email and all that good stuff, but Im mad that I didnt get to see what happened the last half hour of 7th Heaven. Can anyone fill me in? But enough about that, tonight as I sat waiting in the dark for the lights to come back on, I couldnt help but think of the meaning of advent…waiting! Waiting for the birth of the Christ child. Guess there was just some nice symbolizing in the waiting for the lights to come on that reminded me of why I love advent so much!


Well the thanksgiving holiday is now over and we now head into the Advent season. This is so my favorite time of year. I just love waiting for the birth of the Christ child. Its such an awesome time of the year. Its not because of the presents or anything like that. For me, it is the love that was given to us in the Christ child and I love sharing that with everyone else. But enough about that, hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday. I know I did! As you head into the end of the semester my seminary friends, I pray that God gives you the patience and perserverence and whatever else you need to get your stuff in before the Christmas break. Well guess thats it for now. I know I dont have much to say tonight but wanted to let you know that Im still alive. Miss you bunches! God bless!

Thanksgiving Blessings!!

This time of the year always gets me thinking about the many things Im thankful for and since I know some of the people that Im extremely thankful for read my blog. I thought this would be a great place to express that thankfulness…so here goes! To my seminary friends, you know who you all are, I am so thankful and greatful that God brought you into my life. Your friendships mean the world to me! Mackenzie and Kevin, thank you for the times we shared at your place. Thank you for the warm cups of chai and the many laughs we shared. Mark and Liz, thank you for the laughter, tears, and many conversations we’ve shared. Seminary life sure would have been different without those late night Perkins runs. And to Mike, like I said, where would we have been without those late night Perkins runs that where often initiated by you. To Carrie, Jen, and Hilary, Im thankful that I got to know each and every one of you. I am thankful for the wonderful moments we shared but Im also thankful that we were able to be there for each other in the hard times too. Collettee, thank you for just being you and being my friend. Heather, thank you for your friendship and the road trips we’ve shared. And to every one else, thank you so much for being my friends and sharing our lives together. Life would be so sad if we didnt have great friends and family to share it with. To my friends at Camp of the Cross, thank you for helping me say the many gifts God has given me. Also Im thankful for the many gifts God has bestowed upon each of you. Ben, thank you for being my friend. You in many ways are my best friend and have been with me through the tears and the laughter. Im thankful God brought you into my life. Carrie, Im thankful for all the times we shared in cinnamon gummy bears! Okay now to my family, thank you for being there for me especially now as I await the call process. I know at times it can be frustrating and upsetting but in the end, it will all be worth it…I promise. Thank you for teaching me to be me and for teaching me to love all God’s children for who God created them to be. Well for those I didnt name by name, I apologize but you are just as important to me as anyone else in my circle of friends. Thank you God for all these wonderful blessings. And to my readers, dont forget to say thanks for your many blessings too!

Cant Think of A Title…..So this is all you get!

I figured its time to update since I havent done it in almost a week. Today I got the call from Bowman. They decided that I do not fit their qualifications which I understand. I really and truly believe that they are looking for an associate pastor and not a diaconal minister. To be honest, Im a little relieved about the whole situation. I did however get a call from Bishop Duane about an opening in Fargo. He talked to the Bishop of Eastern North Dakota and asked Bishop Duane to send my paperwork. The church in Fargo is looking for someone to work with their youth and I really think Id enjoy living in Fargo. However it is not in Western North Dakota so we are just going to pray about all of this and God will eventually show me where God needs me to be. As for my friends, I must give them a little heck since they havent updated their blogs in a couple of days. Im getting antsy! Okay just kidding…Im sure you are all busy and will post when you get a chance. Take care. Keep warm. God bless!

A Weekend Recap

Its been awhile since I last posted and also since Liz asked me what happened with my meeting on Sunday, I thought I would write an entry. My interview with the Pastor went really well. I truly feel that the conversation was God-led and that I was completely honest with Pastor Strand about how I felt etc. We spoke for over two hours and it didnt feel that long at all. Now he is going to get the councils of all the churches in that parish together to talk and see how they feel. If they feel Im a good fit, I will go to Bowman for an interview and things could move very quickly after that. If not, they would tell me and then on to the next option whatever that may be. My weekend was fun too. It was a camp reunion since two of my camp friends got married to each other. It was good to see them all again but it also made me realize how much I miss all of my seminary friends too. But you probably dont want to hear about that because Im always writing about that..LOL!! On other note, I had an embarrassing moment at the Ground Round Thursday too. My friend and I decided to go sit in the bar and eat our meal. Now some of you know that my drivers license says valid without photo because I was out of state for three years and wasnt able to renew it so they gave me this special id which Ive never had a problem with before. Hilary and I ordered our drinks and the waitress was like I need to show your id to my manager. The manager came back with this book and was like your id is not in here so I cant serve you. I was like can I show you another form of idea and she was like NO. Hilary and I were like whatever. Hilary will drink her beer and Ill just eat and not drink anything. Needless to say, the manager was like NO I CANNOT SERVE YOU IN THE BAR. So we went and ate in the dining room. Needless to say, I was a little mad since Im almost 30 years old!! Besides that, Ive NEVER EVER encountered a problem anywhere else. But enough about that. I think Ill close for now. God bless you all! Miss you lots!

Sleepless Nights

Have you ever had one of those nights were you just couldnt fall asleep because your mind just kept wandering? I had one of those nights last night. My mind just wouldnt stop thinking. I was thinking about my meeting with the Bowman Pastor on Friday and what might happen with that whole deal. I also was thinking about my life and how I wished I was living closer to my friends etc. Weird how your mind just keeps wandering and doesnt let you stop thinking about life. Well not much else to say. Sleep tight and dont let the bed bugs bite. I sure hope I can fall asleep fast tonight!

The Writer WIthin

Boy I cant believe that winter soon will be upon us. Crazy huh. Looks like Grand Forks missed the snowstorm last night though which is great. Not much happening in my life. Just busy with work and the call process. I hope and pray that God brings something into my life soon. Other than that, nothing too exciting is happening. I like my friend Mark really dont have much to say today but figured I should at least leave a message on my blog today so people keep coming back. I sure enjoy reading my friend’s entries. Its a great way to hear what they are up too etc. It also is great for the writer within. Maybe one of these days I will feel inspired and write some new poetry and leave it on my blog. I havent written much late. I feel like Ive kind of neglected that area of my life so I need to get back in gear and start writing again. Well guess thats it for now. Im going to go watch some tv and stuff. Hey anyone got any ideas about what they would like to read and have me post on my blog page? Im open for ideas!