My Whirlwind of a Life

Life these days is crazy. At least, that is the only way to put it. My sister and her fiance are no longer engaged. In fact, they actually arent even in a relationship anymore. Well I guess thats not true. They are still going to try and be friends. Two of my good friends are outside the country…one in Japan and one in Guatemela. My other good friends are either at the Mothership in Iowa or near there. And needless to say, it has been somewhat difficult to make new friends here since I know I wont be here much longer. Another part of me is just a little frustrated with my home synod. I guess I will just have to teach them and educate them about diaconal ministry. My name has been given to a multi-point congregation that is looking for an associate pastor. However since they do not have any candidates at this time, they are willing to look at a diaconal minister. Needless to say, Im not sure how I feel about all of this. I guess the only good thing is knowing I can say no if I feel it isnt a good fit and stuff. However I must admit I cant help but feel like second-best, leftovers, or whatever you want to call. But enough about that. I guess Im just ready to move on with my life. I love that my aunt and uncle have let me stay here this long but I feel like Im soon going to over stay my welcome. I guess at 27 years old Im just ready to be on my own. And a part of me is so ready to settle down and start a life with Mr. Right. However I know it will happen in God’s time not mine. I just wish God would hurry up with all of that. But I suppose thats it for now. Sorry you all had to hear me vent. I think Im going to go drown myself in some chip and mint ice cream! YUM YUM!!!

A Cup of Chai and Fond Memories

I just got back from Caribou Coffee where I went to get a nice hot cup of Chai. 🙂 So needless to say, the cup of chai has me remembering some very fond times involving cups of Chai. Liz and MacKenzie how funny that we once were sitting in a small local coffee shop in Dubuque memorizing the Small Cathecism. Seems like it was just yesterday doesnt it? But I must admit my fave Chai memories were just hanging out at the Grondahls playing games, and doing whatever….but some how there always seemed to be a cup of Chai waiting for me. Hopefully soon my call will happen and I will be in my own apartment where I too will have chai readily available for my visitors. I just hope you all come visit sometime. 😉 But enough about all of that. I didnt have much to say and am enjoying my Chai which prompted me to write this entry. Its a little chilly here tonight and I just needed a little something to warm me up. Miss you all so much. God bless!!

The Best Call in The World..

Okay so maybe I didnt have the best call in the world but it was pretty good. Today at work I got the coolest compliment. I am working at a call center that takes orders for a national fast food chain. One of the supervisors came over and told me that the manager at one of the stores called and said that the order was the best order he had ever heard. The supervisor looked it up and it turns out it was my call. HOW COOL HUH! Makes it more fun to do my job even though I know this is a temporary job. Miss ya all lots. God bless!!

Your Hidden Talent
Your natural talent is interpersonal relations and dealing with people.You communicate well and are able to bring disparate groups together.Your calming presence helps everything go more smoothly.People crave your praise and complements.
You know its kind of scary what this thing says. Am I really that easy to get along with me? This really has me thinking.

Diaconal Not Diagonal Minister

So I didnt win the award but thats okay it is an honor to be nominated. Turns out I was nominated in one of the hardest categories, there were like 10 other people nominated. It was cool though that a few people told me that I truly deserved it. But enough about that now on to todays adventure….meeting with the bishop. To be honest, Im not quite sure how I feel about it because it was a good conversation. However Bishop Danielson was very honest in letting me know that people figure they can have a Pastor over a Diaconal Minister etc. He really has me thinking about how to educate and explain to congregations what a Diaconal Minister is and does. He also said that we would start here in Western North Dakota but if things didnt progress here, we would open it up to the rest of region three which makes me feel a little better. Not much else to tell about my meeting. However Liz I found myself talking with my hands quite vigourously and later driving home found myself laughing about who I got that from…LOL! But I guess the only thing to do now is wait and continue to ponder who I am as a Diaconal Minister, as a Child of God, etc.

An award for me?

So last week when I got back from my trip to the Mothership, I had a letter awaiting me. It was from Special Olympics North Dakota. Apparently I have been nominated for their volunteer of the year award which to me is an honor but I also find it kind of ironic since I really wasnt with them an entire year. So on Saturday I get to go to this big fancy banquet and stuff, it should be a lot of fun. Then on Sunday I am suppose to meet with the Bishop of Western North Dakota. Well hope all is well with all of you. Miss you lots. God bless!!

A Weekend at the Mothership

Hello again. Well I have finally arrived back from my trip to the castle for my friends’ Mike and Kit’s wedding. It was a beautiful wedding and it was also great to see old friends. I must admit it felt like coming home. It was just such a rush to see so many old friends and feel like I never had left that place. They were there with open arms which truly made the trip even more enjoyable but it also was exhausting. Wednesday night I hopped on the train and arrive in LaCrosse at 11:15 am about 45 minutes late. Carrie’s mom then drove me to their home where Jen and Carrie then picked me up and took me to Dubuque. We arrived in Dubuque that evening. Jen and Hillary and I went for pizza at Fat Catz Pizza, came home and got Carrie and went to Cold Stone. Friday I visited some old seminary friends, went to chapel, went to dinner with some friends, and just visited. Saturday of course was the wedding so most of my day was spent enjoying the wedding, dinner, and reception. Sunday I spent time with my good friends Mark and Liz, went to supper at my fave Mexican Restaurant Los Aztecs, etc. Yesterday I went to chapel, drove to LaCrosse with Jen and waited for the train. The train was two hours late due to a pickup and freightliner accident outside of Milwaukee so Jen and I went to a carnival we saw as we were driving in town. Needless to say the train arrived at 9:45 pm when it was suppose to arrive at 7:14 pm. I got home three hours later than I should of but oh well. But enough about all of that you probably dont want to hear every detail of my trip. I just wanted you all to know that this weekend was grand. It was definetely a refreshing time for me and I dont think I will be able to wipe this smile off of my face for a long time. 🙂 Being with friends; really really good friends, just makes me treasure each and every moment. Well I suppose thats it for now. I will keep you all posted on my call process etc. For those that havent heard, I was in the Sept call process and was called to Western North Dakota. You all are in my thoughts and prayers. God bless!!