Wartburg Bound :)

Well it is 9:05 pm and I just finished picking. In exactly 3 hours and 48 minutes, my train will be leaving for LaCrosse WI. Once I arrive in LaCrosse, my friend Carrie’s mom is going to pick me up and take me to their house. Then Carrie, Hillary, Jen and who knows who else are going to come and get me and take me to the seminary. I am so excited right now. I can hardly contain myself! Its been a long long long long long long time since Ive seen many of the class I started with. I suppose I should go make sure I have everything. SEE YOU ALL VERY SOON. Please pray that I have a safe trip. I also pray that all those traveling for Mike and Kit’s wedding arrive safely too. God bless!! See you at the castle! 🙂

I am really alive

I am alive. I know it seems like I havent been around lately but the computer has been broken and finally got back today. Not much is happening. I am working at a daycare part-time to earn some cash. I love the kids but management there is horrible so dont think I will be there much longer. Hopefully the call process will bring something my way soon. Life is good. Had to my faculty paragraph thing and it went well. Im excited to visit WTS next week. Well Im tired so will talk to you all later. God bless!!

Another year older

I cant believe that I am another year older. Crazy that I turned 27 on Saturday. I had a pretty good day but it would have been nice to be with friends. I was thinking about my first bday at WTS. Chocolat, eating cake with hands, laughing hysterically. I dont think I will ever forget that bday. You all made it soooo special. Well hope you enjoyed some cake on me on Sat. MISS YOU ALL LOTS!