In need of a compass…..

Boy life sure can be interesting sometimes. You know who would have ever thought that I would be graduated from seminary, awaiting my first call, and just sitting in the midst of the merky waters. Now you probably are wondering what does she mean by that…well having worked forever…ok not forever but 7 summers at a Bible camp on the shores of a lake…the water was not always clear. You couldnt always see what was below, behind, beside or even ahead of you. That is how I feel at the current moment. Many of the class that I graduated with are in their first calls, stable and ready to venture into this new place God has called them too. But yet I still wait and wonder when those merky waters are going to become clear for me. I think part of my frustration is that the class I started with are now venturing back to their castle. I know its sad to say this but part of me wishes I was still at the castle. Now Im probably crazy for thinking that but so many of the people that care and love me for me besides my family are my friends at the seminary. Okay so now Im getting a little mushy. Its like my sister said to me the other day,”You dont know what you have until its gone.” Now I know I havent lost my friends forever but part of me does feel that way. And like I said the other day, I am scared…scared that I wont get everything in on time, scared that God will take me far away and put me in a new place where I wont know anyone, scared that I will fail and the list goes on. I know that God obviously wouldnt have called me to the ministry if God didnt think that I have gifts for ministry but its the not knowing and the waiting in this tween time that is hard. Sorry I probably have bored you to death with my thoughts but it is truly something that has been on my mind a lot lately.

A little venting….

I tell you some people can be so uptight when it comes to money. I understand that it is hard for non-profit organizations but come on now. This morning I spent at least two or more hours making signs for our annual golf tournament. There were three of us working on the signs which took us away from our other responsibilities. We had to buy the stick on letters and make the signs ourselves. We couldnt take them to a sign place. Ridicilious dont you think?!?! Okay so now Im done venting. Hope you all are doing well today. I am going to go eat my supper now. Miss you lots. God bless

Thoughts on all of you today….

Well I decided it was my turn to start a blog since of course all my friends are doing it. Now my mom would probably say if your friends jumped off a bridge, would you too and I would say of course not but this is different. This is a fabulous way for us to stay connected and have little conversations since the miles seperate us. However like the song Circle of Friends says, “no matter where the highway leads, we will be together in this circle of friends. So true especially when I think of seminary and the many friends I have made there. I must admit I have been thinking of you all lots lately. Realizing that I wont be there and how weird that is to not have a friend at arms length etc if something goes wrong. I think that has been the hardest part about leaving that place. Dont get me wrong I am excited and delighted to have finally graduated but hate that I am so far away. To be honest, I think I am also a little scared as await my first call. What if I dont get everything in on time etc etc etc…? I guess God will help me through it all. Boy I sure have a lot to say today. I have been on the computer for like an hour now. My aunt and uncle are gone on their summer vacation until Sunday so its just me and the kitties for now and it is awfully quiet. Fieldwork at Special Olympics is going well but sometimes it also can be extremely frustrating. I have made good friends there but not as close as we all are. Sorry…I am getting a little sappy but I do miss you all and wish I was closer. Well since I am still in my work clothes, I think Im going to close for now. Go change, make supper etc. Peace out for now my frinedS! GOd bless!!