You’re Just Going to Have to Give Me Grace, Friends!!

This is Day 30 of 31 in my Write 31 Days series: 31 Stories of God’s Grace. I also am linking up for the Five Minute Friday. The FMF is hosted by Kate Motaung on her blog Heading Home. Today’s prompt is “Bacon.”  (Yes you read that right!) Write for five minutes; unedited.

Friends, I am sorry but you are just going to have to extend grace to me tonight. Throughout the 31 days of October, I have left my Fridays open so that my series and the FMF prompt would work together. But tonight I am at a loss,friends…tonight’s prompt of all things is BACON!

Now I’m not someone who hates bacon. In fact, I rather enjoy bacon, but I am not sure how I can tie together grace and BACON! I could write about how we say grace before we eat a meal…before we eat some bacon. “Come Lord Jesus be our guest, let this “bacon” to us be blessed.” I could write about how bacon is a gift of grace when we are trying to eat healthy. Sometimes you just have to sidestep and indulge in something unhealthy.

But that seems a little far fetched, so tonight, I am asking you, my readers and friends to extend that grace that I have been talking about all this month. A grace that is always given to us by God and is always and ever enough! Have my 31 Stories of God’s grace blessed you and changed you? Will they help you more freely offer grace to others…like me tonight? I hope and pray that is so.

So I am going to continue this post by sharing some of my thoughts about BACON. I am a girl whose mother often made breakfast for dinner which we later dubbed “brinner.” A yummy brinner would include some yummy scrambled eggs, a piece of toast, and some super crispy bacon.

I also love BLT’s! They are one of my favorite things in the summer months. There is something so incredibly tasty as I bite into that sandwich with its juicy tomatoes dribbling down my chin and  crispy bacon that crunches as I bite into that sandwich. (I seriously am licking my lips and craving a dedicant BLT now!)

So, may you enjoy some bacon this week (and the next time you eat some bacon, remember this Five Minute Friday prompt in the midst of my 31 Days series and how we need to extend grace to one another!)

34 thoughts on “You’re Just Going to Have to Give Me Grace, Friends!!

  1. Great, Tara! Grace to you, my friend; of all the words!!! I have mine scheduled for in the morning so it comes in on the 30th; this challenge is over and we all need to share Grace with each other as we end yet another month-long writing challenge! We are finishing in all degress of "completeness"; and have all done a wonderful job no matter where our journey landed us!

    Thanks for sharing, Tara!!

  2. Aaah yes… Breakfast for dinner is a favorite around here too… and as a kid when I was growing up! Also – BLT's are the bomb! Yum! (Add a little Avocado… oh my!) Great job! My take on 'bacon'… well… my disclaimor is that I was already loopy and fuzzy brained all day, so there is that! 😉

  3. Love this, Tara, You're making me hungry! Definitely giving you grace- 31 Days is not an easy task and I'm just glad I didn't decide to even try to link the FMF prompts with my topic!

  4. That was quite the challenge, wasn't it?! Bacon + mental health=dreaming of bacon and psych wards ;). But God worked it all out (even for this vegetarian). May we all be filled with his grace (and humor) and always freely extend it to others!

  5. Tara, I could almost taste that BLT you described! Bacon is probably my favorite breakfast meat, or lunch or dinner. My mom would also fix bacon and eggs for dinner sometimes. And of course I kept up that tradition! 🙂

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