"Your Grace Finds Me"

Those that are regular readers are probably used to my “Sunday Blessings” here. They are going to take a hiatus during the month of October, BUT I will keep a month’s worth on my phone and will post that one in early November.

I don’t know about you, but weekends are all about Sabbath for me. Or at least I try to remember to make weekends about Sabbath. So I am keeping Sundays very simple. I will share a grace song that I hope will bless you. Through the lyrics, you will hear yet another story of God’s grace lived out in the world.

In a recent interview, Matt Redman said this about the song “Your Grace finds Me”: “We’ve had some really encouraging responses–people sending a quick note via email or social media to say that the song has helped them appreciate the grace of God in a particular moment of their life, event a tough season. One reason we picked the title song as the radio single was that grace is such an important theme for this world to hear about. The theme of grace is an amazing window into the heart of God. Everyone gets to experience the grace of God, whether they recognize that or not. By that I mean that His freely given gifts show up in our lives each day, in all sorts of ways. Even the very act of breathing is grace–we didn’t earn it, it’s the kindness of God towards us. Ultimately we want to take people to the cross of Christ–and that of course is the best example of grace we’ll ever see. So the song says, ‘From the creation to the cross, there from the cross into eternity…your grace finds me.” (Read the entire interview Here)


And if you haven’t read my blog friend Kaitlyn’s post about growing in grace, go check it out please.
Grow in Grace by Kaitlyn Bouchillon

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