Yet Another Friday Five….You Should Play Too!!!!!!!!!

1) Cake or Pie—Definetely Cake…German Chocolate Cake to be exact

2) Train or Airplane—I like both but if I had to chose, I would pick the train. Can see some beautiful scenery on the train!

3) Mac or PC—PC

4) Univocal or Equivocal—Equivocal

5) Peter or Paul—Thats a hard one. I think Paul!

3 thoughts on “Yet Another Friday Five….You Should Play Too!!!!!!!!!

  1. I should play? But I did play… run go see! I love your template and background image too, but please, no German Chocolate Cake for me; it always seems dry and tasteless unless you can introduce me to one that isn't?!

    PS word verification "flirzehe" must be German, right?

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