Yep Im still here!

Yes Im alive. Life has just been busy over the last week. I started teaching Confirmation, have been planning our first activity for league and also went to pastors conference Sun-Tues afternoon. It was good to see old friends and just relax for a few days. I also have a quick little story to share. Remember when I was to be set-up etc awhile back. Well this gentlemen was also at the conference this weekend. One morning I was walking to breakfast and he was coming out of his hotel room. Needless to say, we walked over to breakfast together and had a great conversation. He seems like a nice guy! It was just funny because when he introduced himself, I just had to chuckle to myself knowing that he was who I was suppose to be hooked up with. Just thought Id share that story. But guess thats it for now. Hope you all are well!

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  1. Funny meeting, isn’t it? I had an experience like that once: a friend wanted to set me up with someone she knew, but we never got a chance to meet. The funny part was, my friend kept forgetting his name, so I made up a nickname for him.

    A few months later, I met him as the roommate of the guy I was kind of dating. I had a hard time trying not to laugh and call him the nickmname I gave him I gave him.

    Life is funny!

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