Yeah, Me Too!

“Yeah me too” Those three words are powerful words. They bring us together into a community where we know that we will feel accepted and loved. They also show us that we are not on this journey alone. I am always extremely grateful when I find individuals who can utter those three words along with me.

When I started at my previous job/call, I went to a conference with my new colleague. I will never forget a conversation that took place during that event. We were waiting in line at a restaurant talking about my family and our journey with mental illness. I mentioned the name of a drug and an individual at the event turned around and asked if I had just said the name of the drug. I stated that I had and she immediately began to tell me her families journey with mental illness. In just that brief interaction, she was saying, “yeah me too.”

I have been saying “yeah me too” as I have read new blogs and met new people as part of the #write31days challenge. I have said “me too” as I pray about and ponder adoption/foster care. I have said “me too” as I have listened to stories of vulnerability and hope. I have said “me too” as I have found other single women who have shared their own stories of waiting for God to bring that special someone into their lives. I have said “me too” as I have read stories of families and friends who daily struggle with mental illness and/or depression. I have simply found myself within a community where I often have found myself over these last 21 days saying clearly and loudly, “me too.”

Not only have I said those words myself, but I have had many people say them to me too. I have had others thank me and say “me too” as they understand the struggles that come with depression and mental illness. I even received an email this morning where a reader shared that she had shared my blog with a friend struggling. Wow…power in those words…”me too!” Who would have ever thought that by being brave and sharing my story individuals would find community where they can immediately say, “me too?”

I will admit that I am weary and tired as we continue through these 31 days, but hearing those words “me too” has made me realize what a gift your words and even my words might be to someone as they are able to say them with us….”yeah me too!”

6 thoughts on “Yeah, Me Too!

  1. Tara, this is beautiful! I wonder if "Me, too" = bear one another's burdens. So much easier to handle anything if you know someone else gets what you are going through. "Me, too = I get it."
    Thanks for your post.

  2. I LOVE this post. It just shows how important ALL of our stories are. It can be tempting to think we can't possibly add anything to the conversation but we do. We need to speak up bravely, humbly, and with love but we NEED to speak up.

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