YAY GOD!!!!!!!

You know life can be so strange sometimes and I am definetley feeling that way at this moment. I was just reading one of my friends blogs and he is talking about how he feels like he is stuck between two worlds. Yeah know exactly what he is talking about because I am stuck in that place myself…stuck between two worlds and not sure which way to go. Yes, I am glad to have graduated and stuff but I am grieving my friends from that place immensely. At times, I wonder what they all are doing. Do they still think of me? Have they forgotten me already? I guess it is just a place God calls me to be at this moment and time so I ask God to be with us all that are standing in two worlds. In this world yesterday, something great did happen. I was given an opportunity at a local church to finish my congregational hours. The coolest thing is it is a pilot program for kids with disabilities….which of course is my area of interest. How strange! God definetely works in mysterious ways. I guess that just makes me say YAY GOD!! YAY God also for bringing such wonderful friends into my life that I have had a hard time leaving and am still holding on to. YAY GOD FOR ALL YOUR WONDERFUL BLESSINGS AND GIFTS!!!!

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