The Writer WIthin

Boy I cant believe that winter soon will be upon us. Crazy huh. Looks like Grand Forks missed the snowstorm last night though which is great. Not much happening in my life. Just busy with work and the call process. I hope and pray that God brings something into my life soon. Other than that, nothing too exciting is happening. I like my friend Mark really dont have much to say today but figured I should at least leave a message on my blog today so people keep coming back. I sure enjoy reading my friend’s entries. Its a great way to hear what they are up too etc. It also is great for the writer within. Maybe one of these days I will feel inspired and write some new poetry and leave it on my blog. I havent written much late. I feel like Ive kind of neglected that area of my life so I need to get back in gear and start writing again. Well guess thats it for now. Im going to go watch some tv and stuff. Hey anyone got any ideas about what they would like to read and have me post on my blog page? Im open for ideas!

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