Write 31 Days Withdrawal

Withdrawal=”the act of taking back or away something that has been granted or possessed” or “the discontinuance of administration or use of a drug.”

Have you ever experienced withdrawal from something? Perhaps it was giving up soda or sweets or something. Maybe you know someone or have watched someone withdraw from drugs. The only experience I have of watching someone withdraw and detox from an abused substance is on MTV with Dr. Drew. Yet from what I have seen, withdrawal is not an easy thing. In fact, it can get pretty ugly!

I don’t know about you, my Write 31 Days friends, but this past week, I have found myself wanting to read your blogs and write more posts myself. But what I have found is that it is pretty quiet over in our neck of the woods. It seems like many of our wells have run dry. I think I am going through Write 31 days withdrawal! Anyone else with me?

Throughout the month of October, every day we must post. If the words are there, great. But if the words are not there, we must keep on trucking through. In addition, many of us interacted on the Survivors Facebook page and read five other posts which we promised to comment on, share, etc.

Yet now here we are, ten days into November and I keep finding myself wanting to go back to October. I want to gather with my friends and read their stories. I want to know that I am not on this writing journey alone. I want to be reminded again and again that my words are enough! The truth is that I know these things are true, but it seems harder to find them and believe them this month. It is as if my ability to write has been snuffed out in an instance.

In addition, my words are not the only thing I am missing. I am missing the community and the people I have met. I came across this quote this morning on Google: “The most addictive drug is a person. The detox takes the longest. And sometimes the withdrawals never stop.” Hmmm!

I am sure that in time the words will slowly begin to flow more freely again! I am sure that I will find other outlets and projects to share my words. I am sure that soon I will feel like I am no longer going through Write 31 Days withdrawal. And I know that even though, we are resting from our words, we all will return to share them again.

Like the breath in our lungs that gives us life, words also give us writers life as well! Without our words, we cannot go through this life NOT sharing our words. “Write until it becomes as natural as breathing. Write until not writing makes you anxious”

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26 thoughts on “Write 31 Days Withdrawal

  1. Friend, I get you. I was feeling that withdrawal yesterday. October was wonderful, wasn't it??!! But know you're not alone. I'm still here with you, trucking along. Thanks for continually encouraging others (including me!) with your words and presence. Bless you!

  2. Love that … "write until not writing makes you anxious." While I didn't do write31, I know that feeling. Hope that God brings you rest, refreshment, and lots more to say!! Hugs, friend.

  3. Tara, I am 100 percent with you! I feel the same. I miss reading everyone's posts! And I haven't found the words to write yet either. Thanks for putting into words what I (and others I'm sure) are feeling.

  4. Me too. That is why I am so thankful for the 31 Day Survivors group. We keep going and going. It is like an engizeer bunny for me. I love reading and sharing what God has given me for the day. Sometimes, I don't write, but I still visit blogs and comment. Thanks for sharing with us too at Literacy Musing Mondays and joining our community. 🙂

  5. I think in this particular type of blogging community, it is about relationship – yes, the heart message from God – double stranded with touching other lives, encouraging and spurring each other on in our journey! Your message resounds with my heart!

    • Relationship is key! I love that…the heart message from God-double stranded with touching others lives, encouraging and spurring each other on in our journey. Glad that my message resounded with your heart.

  6. Yes, yes , yes!!! I feel like I should be writing more, visiting more, seeing my new friends. Your words speak the truth for all 31 day writers. It was a great challenge but also such a beautiful time of community and new friendships. Thank you for writing this! I needed it!

  7. I am absolutely going through withdrawals! I have been so proud of myself for how consistently I have kept writing since October finished (not everyday but far more than before). I have recently joined up Hope Writers for that reason. Maybe something for you to have a look at?

  8. I participated last year and it really helped me to get in the habit of writing every day. Unfortunately that has fizzled and I"m back to writing next to nothing. Maybe you should start your own writing challenge. I'll try to participate if you'll send me a reminder of it.

    Thanks for linking up to Literacy Musing Mondays; I am looking forward to your next contribution.

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