Words Spilled Out Onto the Page to Create a Little Poetry

A little poetry for you…. (Y’all I cannot remember the last time I have actually sat down and written a poem. Thanks for being my Ra Ra sisters and inspiring me to sit and listen to God’s words for me spill out onto the page)
Holy Water 
By Tara L. Ulrich
The rain goes pitter patter against my window
I listen quietly to the water cascading down
I am reminded of who I am;
Reminded that I am claimed in the waters of Baptism.
Each droplet of water
Continues to remind me of who I am;
A called, claimed, and loved child of God.
There were days when I struggled to find who I was;
Days when I questioned my own identity;
Days when I wondered if God truly was calling me to seminary;
Days when I endlessly asked “How long Lord. Will you forget me forever?”
How long?
Yet on those days, the water often will again go pitter patter against my window.
Or I find myself standing face looking upward towards the heavens;
Water droplets cascading down my face;
Reminding me again and again of who I am;
A child of God beautifully in over her head.
I watch the rain fall.
And as it falls, I take my finger fresh with new water droplets,
Mark the sign of the cross on my forehead;
A simple reminder of who and whose I am;
A simple reminder of who and whose you are!

(I am always learning new tricks. Here is an audio recording of the above poem. I wish there wasn’t so much background noise though!)

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16 thoughts on “Words Spilled Out Onto the Page to Create a Little Poetry

  1. so gorgeous! Thanks! I esp love this since semi-torrential rain broke into this serious drought last Thursday, plus the clear air feels so good to breathe! BTW, I never saw the movie, but I LOVED the Traveling Pants book!

  2. Oh girlie… so much yes and amen! I love that we both wrote on Identity – because, of course! (And Love that you learned how to use SoundCloud too!) Yay for learning new tricks!

  3. I love rain and all of it's moods–but most of all, I love that it reminds me of how God provides our basic needs–day in, day out. I especially love being in a tent during a rainstorm (I know, I'm strange ;)). Thank you for the beautiful poem!

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