Word Made Flesh; Artists Edition #2

I’m keeping Sunday’s simple around here..sharing a piece of art etc that embodies the Word made flesh. This piece of art is a poem that was crafted by me. Just the other day, I opened my door to see a magnificent sky before my eyes. I grabbed my phone and snapped a quick photo. Our God sure loves to show off in God’s own ways.

The Master’s Own Painting
By Tara L. Ulrich

Paintbrush in the master’s hand
Strokes run across the sky
Hues of pink and purple
Building a painting
In the sky

The masters hand crafts a tree
It’s branches stretched too and fro
Placed in front
Of those hues of pink and purple.

Green appears on the page
And soon we see green grass
Under that beautiful sky.

A blank slate
No longer blank
But now a Rembrandt
A Rembrandt of the
Master’s creating.

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