Why Cant I Stop Thinking About This?

Not much is happening these days but thought I would post since I havent posted in awhile. Just keeping busy with work. Thinking a lot about how to change things in my life. Now don’t get me wrong, I love my life! I have great friends, a job that I love (at least most of the time), and Im happy! However Im at that point in my life when I am so ready for a family. (I know you’ve heard this from me before but its where Im at) I love watching my friends with their children. I do enjoy hearing stories about what their children are up too etc. But like I stated a few posts ago, sometimes it does make me sad. I’m not sure how to explain it but it’s just how I feel sometimes. I guess part of me wonders when it will happen for me but then I also wonder “Am I doing everything I can to make it happen?” When Im sitting at home relaxing and watching tv, I wonder should I be somewhere where I might find Mr. Right. But then I realize it will happen when I least expect it. I did join an online dating site. Last summer I emailed and chatted with a gentleman and we met in person but he just wasnt the one for me! Sometimes I wonder if Im being too picky!!! But I know that isnt the case. But I do wonder “Why am I constantly thinking about this?” Thanks for letting me speak my mind about what Im thinking and feeling about these days!

2 thoughts on “Why Cant I Stop Thinking About This?

  1. Why can't you stop thinking about it? Because God has put a desire in your heart for a partner and a family. That's a good thing! That desire is a gift, and keeps you open to the world and possibilities for your future. I know from experience the challenges of watching others move into different life-phases (which you also desire) while your life seems to lag behind at single or, in my case, married-but-no-kids. It can be hard. But I think what you're doing is really good – celebrating what you have now, enjoying your friends and celebrating their life-changes, while being honest about what you seek for your own life. You're a good person, Tara, and a blessing to so many. Be of good courage!

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