Today is October 1st which means Write 31 Days! I have been lacking in the writing department so I’m joining Kate and the Five Minute Friday community for a month of free writes. Today’s word is “Why.”

Why is the sky blue?

Why is the grass green?

Why are black cats seen as scary?

Why is the hum of a kitties purr so soothing?

Why is the Earth round?

Why do we not spend time in silence more?

Why is rain essential to the growth of plants and fields?

Why are children so truthful and inquisitive?

Why is justice not always achieved?

Why is the sound of laughter such a gift?

Why is change so hard?

Why do we worry about what others think of us?

Why do sunflowers grow so tall?

Why do infants bring me so much peace and joy?

Why are rainbows so beautiful?

Why did Jesus die for our sins?

Why do we ask so many questions that only God can answer?

8 thoughts on “Why?

  1. cool stuff! I’d spaced October and Write 31 days, and won’t attempt to join. Talking about sparse… this is my least blogged year since I started, even allowing for 2002 counting as only a half year because I started in July. Excited to read your posts and get inspired; I’m also hoping for reasonable community and overall health for myself within a few months. hugs and a full future for both of us!

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