Who Me?!?

Just the other day a friend posted a fun little meme on FB. I commented on her status and got my own letter…the letter B! The meme asks what word beginning with the letter you are given (in my case the letter B) reminds them of me!

I got words like babysitter, busy, bubbly, beautiful and BRAVE! Immediately I thought yes, I am busy. And yes I am bubbly. And yes I am beautiful…in my own ways! And yes I have definitely been a babysitter.

But brave….that one threw me off a little! Why did/does my friend think of me as brave?

When I think of brave, I think of those who daily battle with an illness. When I think of brave, I think of my Special Olympics friends! When I think brave, I think of my friends who have lost children…or a spouse! When I think brave, I honestly think of anyone but myself!

But yet that is the word that my friend used to describe me.
So I’m curious, my dear faithful readers, what makes me brave?!?

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