Whispers of Gentleness

Anyone else notice how easily their #oneword365 slips into their head and heart? Sometimes my #oneword slips so easily in, that it takes me a minute to realize that it has snuck into my head and heart.

My word #gentle has been slipping in to my heart and brain so much lately. When I yearn for my Mr Right…I hear that voice saying, “Br gentle with yourself. Your time will come.” When I find myself feeling a little sense of loneliness as I continue to slowly make friends in this new place, I again hear that whisper of gentleness.

That whisper of gentleness continually reminds me to be gentle…gentle with myself! This whisper of gentleness is what I believe I need to continue to grow into this year as I learn to be more gentle with myself! Yet that isn’t always so easy!

May I continue to hear that whisper of gentleness and may I be gentle with myself!

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