Whimsical Friday Five

Soooo… Let YOUR inner whimsy fly! List five characters, creatures, things or feelings YOU’D like to do the next time you have the opportunity to be in costume. Will you be biblical, Disney, vegetable, or historical? Will you make a political statement or just live out a fantasy? do tell!

I always struggled to come up with “cool” costumes. One year I decided to be a sandwich for Halloween. I dont remember much about the costume but remember that I tied two pillows to myself to make the bread. Looking back on it….it was pretty lame costume. As I’ve gotten older I have actually had a lot of fun thinking of costumes. When I was at seminary, there was always a Halloween party for the kids and they would trick or treat through the dorms. I loved that. I found some Princess Fiona ears at store and so I painted my face green and was Princess Fiona for Halloween. It is one of my fave costumes. Probably because I saw how much joy it brought the kiddos!

Another year I went as static cling!

(1) I think it would be fun to dress up as Hermione from Harry Potter. I love the books and just think it would be fun to dress up as one of the characters from the book.

(2) NEMO! I love the movie and think it would be incredibly fun to go as Nemo from the movie. I haven’t seen many Nemos so it would totally be out of the box.

(3) In this world of technology, I suppose it would be rather clever to go as a Facebook page or Twitter feed or something like that.

(4) One of the Veggie Tales would be so much fun!

(5) I cant think of any others? What are your best costume ideas?

Me as Princess Fiona

2 thoughts on “Whimsical Friday Five

  1. I've never been a facebook page… hmmm… how would I do that???

    I was once a blue crayon (blue leotard, jeans, blue flowerpot for the "point" and a paper "crayola" logo pinned to the front and back of me.

    And another time I was a bag of jelly beans – a clear trash bag filled with various colors of balloons. I gotta tell you, I was ROASTING in that costume.

    Thanks for playing!

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