Where, oh Where?

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Where oh where is the one for whom my heart yearns? Am I looking in all the wrong places? Or am I not looking deeply enough? Where oh where is the one my heart longs for?

Ever since I can remember I’ve yearned to be a wife and momma, yet it hasn’t happened for me yet. The hope lessens a little more each day. Where oh where? How long oh Lord, will you forget me forever?

There are some I wonder if are the one. I wonder if I’ve let them get away. Or perhaps I’ve been too blind. I haven’t seen them right in front of my face. My heart still yearns. I want someone to give my heart too.

Yes, there is one who loves me beyond measure. The one who called and claimed me by name. I know I can always turn to him. I know his love is always there for the taking and the giving. The one Jesus who was sent by his own father because God loves us so much.

I will cling to this love forever. But I still yearn to be a wife and mom. I still yearn for my heart to be shared with someone. Where oh where is the one my heart yearns to love?

19 thoughts on “Where, oh Where?

  1. thanks for opening up your heart today. i know this is difficult to talk about. regarding finding the person to love? Don’t you think GOD is able to make both of you aware of each other? He is not so cruel that He would have you cross paths and not let you both be aware of each other. I’m sure He would make sure you both were well aware of each other. It is much more likely that the timing isn’t right.

    It’s hard to understand GOD’s ways. I know I don’t for sure. A recent quote on prayer has been a huge comfort. “GOD answers the prayers we ask as well as the prayers we would ask if we knew everything He does.” (Tim Keller)

  2. Tara, your honesty and faith are touching beyond words. Thank you for this.

    Through this medium I’ve come to know
    a lady whom I so admire,
    whose faith has helped me when I’m low
    whose strength bears me when I tire.
    Your words are faithful carriers
    of the Love that’s in your heart;
    you pull back worldly barriers
    that keep us from taking Mary’s part.
    That better choice you’ve clearly shown;
    you’re steadfast, time and again.
    So many others away have flown,
    but you, dear Tara, remain.
    We are, I think, where we’re meant to be;
    and so glad for this, I treasure thee.

  3. Love this, friend! Praying for you… that your eyes and hands and heart will be open and that you will rest in hope and peace, and that God would do the Aligning and crossing of paths in His divine timing (which I know -oh so often, feels LATE!) 😉 Love you!

  4. Oh, Tara, this lament is to honest and heart-felt, painful and real. It’s so hard to wait with patience sometimes when we really long for our heart’s greatest needs to be met. May God bring you children to be a mamma to, even if it’s not in the expected sense. Because your loving, compassionate heart needs an outlet to share your love. I believe you will know (and so will he) if and when you encounter your intended soul mate. God won’t leave you wondering for long. Love and hugs. xo

  5. Oh Tara, thank you for sharing your heart so openly here. I am praying along the lines of Karrilee this morning, that God would open eyes to see. Standing with you in the hope that you desire.

  6. Tara, I know you find your joy and satisfaction in Christ and I do pray one day He will bring someone into your life who will compliment that not reign over it. Be ever so discerning, my dear. xo

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