Where is God’s Grace?

As I have been sharing the stories of God’s grace, many of my blog friends and readers have pointed out to me how God’s grace is evident throughout my life and my stories. That may be true. But I want to be 100% honest with you friends. Sometimes I don’t always see the evidence of God’s grace in my life or in the world. There are many times when I question where God’s grace is! I look and look and still cannot always find God’s grace.

When the church isn’t welcoming to all God’s people, I find myself asking “Where is God’s grace?”

When another horrific event happens in the news, I again keep asking “Where is God’s grace?”

When my friends are battling the darkness of depression and cannot find the light, I continually ask “God, where is your grace?”

When relationships are already broken, I ask again and again “Where is God’s grace?”

When I struggled in seminary, I asked “Where is God’s grace?”

When my parents divorced, I also asked “Where is God’s grace?”

I have a feeling that you do not always see God’s grace either. I’ll bet each and every one of us has played a game of hide and seek trying to find God’s grace in our midst. But the truth is that God’s grace is often right in front of our noses and eyes. God’s grace is available to all God’s people but we can’t always see it or find it. Yet God’s grace is never beyond any of our reach.

“There is no life so deeply and tragically sinful that it’s beyond the reach of God’s amazing rescuing grace”–Paul Tripp

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16 thoughts on “Where is God’s Grace?

  1. Many times I find myself looking for His grace in such and such….it's there, but sometimes it's not for US to see, just to believe it's there. And, grace is extremely specific to situations and people. xo

  2. God's grace in front of our noses.
    Yes, and so often I don't pause long enough to see it.
    Thanks for your honesty and the truth of grace. We are never beyond it.

  3. I was just sharing with someone the other day these thoughts. They had spoken of seeing God's grace in me but I didn't really see it. I think Grace it that silent partner. We are only given enough for what we need and when we need it.

  4. And this my friend is what we need to remember in this journey of seeking God's grace… "There is no life so deeply and tragically sinful that it's beyond the reach of God's amazing rescuing grace"–Paul Tripp Love you!

  5. It's higher, deeper, wider than anything we can ever imagine because we can't. It is always there, whether we choose to believe it or not. We do doubt, because we're human, but God's grace never ends, because he's not.

  6. I'm so glad He isn't threatened by our asking! And He is so faithful to reveal it in the little things when we start looking for it. Thanks for sharing today.

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