Where is God in the aftermath of Katrina?

Well tonight I cant help but think of the people in Louisiana, Mississippi, and the surrounding areas that were hit by Hurricane Katrina. May God be with them all during this time of loss, devastation, grief, etc. They have been through so much and I pray that God continues to wrap God’s loving arms around each of them. But now onto another issue brought about by these hurricanes……looting. (It is not my intention to upset or offend anyone here. I am just trying to vent about something I heard someone say earlier this evening). Looting is going to take place because these people need to survive. They need food, bottled water, etc and yes, they are going to go into stores to try and get it. I guess earlier on some of the news channels. They showed people taking purses, tvs, etc. Now part of me doesnt understand this but another part of me says why not, these people need to rebuild. However looting is not the issue here, it is a issue of racism. Tonight many of the pictures shown were people of color taking things. Now I for one dont care what color skin these people have because we have all been created in God’s image. However Im extremely upset with a family member who wants to call them niggers and etc. It hurts my feelings to hear him talk like that. Can he not put himself in the twenty-first century? I love this family member but am extremely offended by the words he used to describe these people. This area of course is the South and the South is highly populated with people of color. Doesnt mean because they are of a different skin color that they are poor etc. Okay enough about all of that. I just had to get that off my chest. Honestly my thoughts and prayers are with ALL PEOPLE in this area. I pray that God may help them to rebuild. I pray that the water soon starts to subside or that they can get the water to go down. I pray that God provides food, safety, shelter, and whatever else they need to these people. I pray that God is with them in the midst of their sorrows but I also pray that God helps them find moments of joy and gladness too. It is the little miracles that I believe will sustain and help the people of these areas move on. And after all this said, I just hope you all go home and tell your family that you love them. We never know when today may be our last.

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