Where Do You Find Peace?

I’ve been thinking a lot about how we find peace. Sometimes life throws things at us that we don’t want to have to contend with during our life. Sometimes we have to make tough decisions; tough decisions that seem inevitable in the midst of what may be going on in life. The reality is that sometimes those tough decisions are so hard to avoid. Seems like our hands our tied and we have no other choice. Yet in the midst of it all,I often know that this is where God is leading us but sometimes that is easier said than done. I have a tendency to beat myself up over stuff I don’t have a whole lot of control over. I have a hard time finding “peace” in my heart and soul. After making a hard decision, about a week later, I finally am beginning to feel peace. But it has taken me a little while to get there. So how do you go about finding peace? Where do you find peace? How do you find that peace that is hard to come by when making hard decisions? May we all find peace in the midst of life’s joys and challenges!

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