When Life Is Wearing On You….

Sunday afternoon until this afternoon, I was at a retreat for rostered leaders in the church. This time is such a holy time for me…to gather with colleagues, listening to awesome speakers, and to have some time for rest and renewal. And little did I realize how this year, this was needed so very much.

As some of you know, this summer has been a crummy summer in terms of Mom’s health. So many questions and so much confusion. I have been pretty open about sharing to friends, but holding it close to my chest for others.

Yet on Monday morning, during our breakout time, one of my friend’s came up to me and asked if everything was ok. I replied that yes they were ok. Being such a great friend, she continued to ask that question and said “Let’s go for a walk.” We walked out into the beautiful North Dakota sun with my beloved North Dakota Badlands as our backdrop, sat down and continued our conversation.

After a few minutes of chatting, my friend looked at me and simply said, “You just don’t seem yourself. It seems to me that everything that is going on in your life is wearing on you.” As I sat there and listened, I realized that she was right. I looked at her and finally admitted “You know, you are probably right. I think it is wearing on me.”

Oh how often are we all guilty of taking care of everyone else, but not always taking care of ourselves. I’ll admit that I am pretty good at self-care, but there are times when self-care isn’t always my first priority. My friend totally called me out and said, “What are you doing to care for yourself?” I thought about it for a minute and said, “Time with friends, blogging, etc.” As I have reflected on our conversation, I have been thinking of more ways that I can take care of myself.

Because sometimes life has this way of wearing on us….wearing us much like a beloved shirt that needs to be discarded etc. Sometimes life has this way of wearing on us….and tearing us down. Sometimes life has this way of wearing on us….especially as I continue to ask God why.  And yet as I am reminded of how life can wear on us, I am also reminded of how God knows…God knows when life is wearing on us. God knows when to bring people like my friend Erin into our lives at the right times and places. God knows and continues to walk with us!

God especially doesn’t want life to wear on us. So God places people into our lives to walk that journey with us. After we spoke, I found myself sharing with several other friends/colleagues. To be honest, there is a part of me that holds pieces of our story close to my heart because I feel like I am always vomiting out words about our story. Yet what God reminded me the last several days is that God places people into our lives to be there for us, to listen to us, to be the shoulder to cry on or the ear to listen, and to hold a piece of each other’s worn stories (not to take it away from us, but to bear the burden with us) so life doesn’t wear on each of us so heavily!

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18 thoughts on “When Life Is Wearing On You….

    • I saw you sneak into my scope, but then you were gone. I figured your connection must have been bad. You are right. There are a lot of people in this season of being worn out and ready for renewal. Thanks for the prayers friend. They are so greatly appreciated!

  1. Oh friend… we so need the Body and yet when life comes at us hard, the enemy of our souls convincingly tells us we should just retreat and isolate. That may be necessary for a short time, but as I wrote yesterday – after that, we are called out into wide open spaces… praying for you, as you pray for me! So glad we are side by side in spirit, to help carry each others' burdens – and ultimately, to remind each other to give them over to Him!

    • We do need the body. But like you said, when life comes at us hard, the enemy of our souls tells us we should just isolate and retreat. We are indeed called out into wide open spaces where there are others waiting to carry our burdens with us. Thanks for the prayers friend. They are so greatly appreciated. Love you!

  2. I"m so glad that God gives us burden sharers! Talking with someone else is the key to working through our own emotions–it always helps me focus my prayers AND helps my friends know how to pray for me.

  3. I'm so glad you got a chance to rest and renew yourself at the retreat and that you were able to shed some of what was wearing on you as you talked with your friend. Anytime you need a friend to vomit to, you know I'm just a vox (or text or call since you've got my number now!) away. Love you lots, friend!!

  4. So sweet when God commissions those special people to link arms with us. It's not always easy for me to accept help carrying burdens, but when I realize God sent them because He knows I need them, it makes the help hard to turn away. xo

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