What’s My Groove Writing Playlist

I may have had a little too much fun putting together this “What’s Your Groove” playlist?

When I am writing, I usually listen to whatever is on the radio…..and usually that means that my Pandora station is set to my fave Jars of Clay station. But honestly, I love me anything I can listen to and soak in while I am writing. Or dance music…because sometimes you just need to get up and dance for a minute.

My playlist is pretty eclectic. I love what my friend Christina said over at her blog, “You are a beautiful mix tape of amazing lyrics, rhythms, and melodies, unique like your writing voice.” You will find songs from musical soundtracks (I love musicals) to country to pop to oldies to Christian and everything in between. So here is my “What’s Your Groove playlist! Enjoy friends!!

I am linking up with Christina and the special Whats Your Groove linkup 
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10 thoughts on “What’s My Groove Writing Playlist

  1. Love your list! I don't know that Matt Maher song so I'm going to listen to that now. And Jars of Clay is a favorite around here. Several years ago, I went to a Christmas concert that was Jars and Third Day. Such goodness that night!

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