“What If….”

What is the Holy Spirit up too? How does the Holy Spirit call us to reach out to all those around us? In other words, what is our mission and ministry in this context? How can we be missionaries to all those around us?

This afternoon I was part of a joint retreat between our two synods. As I sat around the table, I must be honest I wondered why I was there; why I had been invited to be there. I found myself listening and hearing how the Holy Spirit is at work in the world and church in our area. I was excited to hear what we are up too but I also found myself reflecting on the “what if” conversations which allowed me to open up and be me; to share my passion; to open our churches up to the down-trodden, the poor, the mentally ill, and the list goes on and on.

One of the people at the retreat asked a very honest question. Stories began to emerge. Mine being one of them! (After crying in front of a room of who don’t know me well and others who know me well, I began to see why I was there. The Holy Spirit had called me to be there!) But enough about my stories, the cool thing was as I listened I saw so many stories begin to emerge. I also remember thinking if we do something, things can, will and DO happen! The Holy Spirit is ACTIVE AND MOVING IN THE WORLD!

I walked away thinking about the many ways we can reach out. What are the “what ifs” in the midst of our contexts? “What if….we reached out to our young adults….., what if we reached out to the mentally ill…..what if….what if….what if….!

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