What I Learned in January

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1. Sharing in friend’s special days is such a joy. My friend EG was ordained in early January. I loved getting to be a part of her day.

2. I also love creating pieces for others. For EG’s ordination gift, I wrote her a poem that I framed and gave to her. Several years ago, when my friends MG and KG were married, I wrote them a poem too. There is something so incredibly holy about creating for others. I love sharing this gift that God gave me.

3. Time with dear Word and Service friends is balm for the soul. Such a refreshing day. I cannot wait until we get to gather again. So thankful for these dear women in my life.

4. LuLaRoe leggings are the best and feel like butter. I never thought I would jump on the leggings as pants band wagon. But with my new found love of LuLaRoe, I am in love! (Sorry not sorry!) I also love their Randy tshirt, the Cassie skirt and cannot wait to try out the other items as well.

5. Having your purse stolen is an extremely VIOLATING experience. My purse was stolen this month. I lost Christmas gift cards; probably close to $200 worth. Had to pay to get a new set of car keys made. I am so thankful for people who God placed in my life during this time. Also thankful for the cops and detectives who work hard to do their jobs. It is good to have a soft place to land.

6. Spending time with friends is such a joy. Loved spending the other night with CT and her girls. Loved spending time with EG and KG earlier in the month. At CT’s house, I got to try out Blue Apron. Excited to try my first box in a few weeks.

7. Fox TV has taught us all what LIVE theater can truly look like. Grease LIVE was so much fun. I hope the other stations take cues from Fox and learn what live theater can truly look like. Julianne Hough and the cast were so much fun…so talented!!

8. One must embrace the Beautiful Uncertainty of it. This month, I participated in the The Single Woman’s 31 Day challenge. Mandy had us pray prayers from her new book, write a letter to ourselves to be read exactly one year from today, and also make a list of those things that we love about ourselves. This process reminded me of the gift that I am to myself and to others. God created me this way for a purpose.

9. Six months is WAY TOO LONG to wait to get a haircut! It was way past time to get my haircut. But the new do is my absolute fave in a long time.

10. Receiving a phone call from a friend that you haven’t seen or spoken to in a long time is INCREDIBLE! So excited to talk to my friend LA on the phone and even more excited to hug her in real life in a few days. Friendships like this are the best because we can pick up right where we left off last time we spoke.

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16 thoughts on “What I Learned in January

  1. great list, and I still feel for ya with that violating theft, but you've moved on with grace 😉 In many cases I'm cool with leggings as pants—I wonder why all the historical uproar, except maybe to focus on cases that haven't looked ok? I'm way overdue for cut, color, eyebrow wax, highlights, too, but right now $$$ are too scarce… I could comment on every one of your list items because they're all outstanding, but I'll end by telling you I'm parked in #62 this month. Hugs and hope!

  2. So sorry about your purse…yikes! I hate that feeling of being violated with regards to personal information. Lovely to visit your site! Appreciated your reflections on January. Happy February! Blessings from #EspressosOfFaith via #RaRaLinkup!

  3. Sounds like you had quite a full January. I'm glad it was mostly good, but having your purse stolen is awful. So sorry that happened. Hope you have a great week! Blessings to you, Tara!

  4. Yay… what a fun post – and a full month! (No wonder we both feel off the Voxer train this month?) And I agree – LOVED Grease Live! Couldn't believe how well Vanessa Hudgens did having her Father pass away hours beforehand! Major props to that girl and the whole The Show Must Go On grace that had to have covered her!

    • Thanks friend! I need to get back on the Voxer train too!!! I loved Grease Live too! I had no idea that Vanessa's dad had died until I started hearing about it. Yes definitely major props to that girl for going on with the show.

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