What I Learned in February

It’s time for the monthly linkup of what I’ve learned over the past month. One never stops learning.

(1) One is never too old to act like a kid! Mickey Mouse, Roller coasters, lots of laughter and so much more. While in Anaheim for the ELCA Youth Ministry Network Extravaganza, my friends and I spent Super Bowl Sunday at Disneyland. It was my first ever Disney anything experience. I laughed so much and got my picture taken with Mickey Mouse.

(2) Writing a book is hard, hard work. But I believe will be totally worth it. I’m thankful for an editor friend who agreed to read my first couple of chapters and give me some thoughts. I believe he is helping make this book better. Some days I really want to write but other days it is so hard to write.

(3) Seven years is way too long to not see a dear friend, but good friends pick up right where they left off. My dear friend Liz and I hadn’t seen each other for seven years. We were dear friends at seminary. It was a joy to see and spend time with her. We spent hours hanging out and it felt like we had been together the weeks before. We picked up right where we left off. And I already miss this friend!

(4) Blue Apron is my new favorite way to make meals for myself. My friend CT introduced me to this company. I helped her make a meal. Then she shared one of her free meals with me. I got my first box free and am now getting a box weekly. This company sends fresh ingredients that you cook with. I feel so grown-up making these meals. And I am eating healthier too!

(5) As an adult, not being chosen for the team still hurts! Oh how true this is. As a middle and junior high student, I hated being picked last but I often was. I know that my words have valuable. But when I wasn’t chosen for one of my fave writers launch teams and everyone else around me seemed like was, I indeed felt hurt!

(6) Coloring is still a great stress reliever even as an adult. Yep…I bought myself an adult coloring book and awesome colored pencils. It’s a great way to end the day and is totally a fantastic stress reliever.

(7) North Dakota is an incredible place to be!!! It is a place where communities come together in the midst of senseless tragedy. It is a place where violence is often overshadowed by love for one another. North Dakota is my home. It is a place that will always have my heart. It is a place where the beauty of the prairies is breathtaking and soul filling. It is a place where the sky is as far and wide as the eye can see. But most of all, the people of the ND are amazing caring loving people. In the midst
of a senseless tragedy, they came together in ways that are amazing. (Read more Honoring A Man in Blue)

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20 thoughts on “What I Learned in February

  1. Great thoughts about February! I have never heard of Blue Apron but the pictures of your meals always look so good. I also loved your post about A Man in Blue. Very touching! Here's to a good beginning to March!

    • Thanks Mary! I hadn't heard of Blue Apron until my friend introduced me to it too. The meals are always so yummy. I am so glad you loved my A Man in Blue post. Yes, here's to beginning March!

  2. Great post, Tara! It's always fun to see what others have been up to. 🙂 I'm glad you had fun at Disney. I've been to the one in Florida, but roller coasters are not my thing. LOL Blessings to you and have a great week!

    • Thanks Gayl. Disney was so much fun. I am not a big roller coaster person, but I will do them when I am with my friends. Something about having people around me helps me not be so afraid. Blessings to you. Hope you have had a great week!

  3. yes – writing is hard and not being chosen is hard – praying you feel and know the chosenness of Jesus today! blessings! (of course i learn the most when things are hard–doesn't mean I like it!)

  4. These 'What I Learned' posts are so fun to read. I have a coloring app on my iPad and find myself doing it every night. I guess for me, that's a little of the kid coming out.

  5. isn't Disneyland fun?! It's wonderful to do that kid (of all ages, at any age) thing again and now and then. I'm still excited about your book and yes, this entire USA is such a gloriously wondrous piece of God's creation. I've never been to ND, but someday soon, I hope.

  6. Thanks for reminding me that it's time to take stock in what I learned this month! It almost seems too short–as if a few more days would give me more time to learn something ;). I understand about rejection–it's something I struggle a lot with, too. Keep on doing what you're doing–honing your craft and building your tribe.

    • Ha! Sometimes it does feel like a few more days would give us more time to learn something. Rejection is so so hard. Thank You for your words. Love this–keep on doing what you're doing–honing your craft and building your tribe! YES!!! 🙂

  7. You've learned some wonderful lessons, Tara. I've been the one not chosen, too. It's hard not to take that personally when it happens. At least we are chosen by the best-ever Team Captain. And to Him, we are most valuable players. I hope He comforts your heart as you work through the disappointment.

    Hugs friend.

    • Thanks Jeanne! It is so hard NOT to take it personally. Yes, you are so right. We were indeed chosen by the best-ever Team Captain and we are indeed valuable players.

  8. I love this… what a fun and full month you had, my friend! I'm sorry for the emotions that came from not making the launch team… I know I've been there myself – and most often, those launch teams are put together pretty randomly and have nothing to do with personal preference or whatever… but we can forget that when the sting of not being picked tweaks our perspective! Amen to what Jeanne said… praise God we are all on the winning team and all of us are His favorite! Love you, friend!

    • I thought you might love this! 🙂 I understand that they are often chosen randomly but it's so hard to not take it personally. Yes praise God that we are all on the winning team. Love you too friend!

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