What The Hey!

Now those that know me know that I love snow. However imagine my surprise this morning when I woke up to a winter wonderland. Now like I stated earlier, I love snow but Oct 17 seems a little early to me. Im sure it wont stick around long but just the idea that i look out the window and see snow makes me think what the hey! COuldnt I just enjoy fall a little longer? So I hope that everyone is staying warm on this Oct day. And I just have to laugh that one of the many wonderful kids I got to know at seminary was singing about snow today in Iowa even though it wasnt snowing. Puts a smile on my face! I sure miss those kids but then again, I miss tons of people from that chapter in my life. Wish I could see them more often and wish I lived closer to them. And on that note, Im going to head back to work. Its going to be a slow day today since I dont have to teach confirmation tomorrow. And now Im going to go find something nice and warm to keep me warm. Hope you are able to do the same and once again what the hey…theres snow on the ground today. What the hey I think I woke up to a winter wonderland today!

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