What Does It Say About Your Life When…..?

So what does it say about your life when your friends actively are trying to play matchmaker for you? In the past, they have been willing to offer a potential name but thats usually as far as it goes. Recently they have gone to the point of suggesting names, attempted to set-up coffee dates, exchanged phone numbers etc. It makes me wonder why the change and what that says about my life. Do they just want to see me happy? Do they want to see my dreams fulfilled? Do they simply want me to not be so lonely? What does it say about me and my life when my friend’s feel they need or want to be matchmaker for me?

I’ll be the first to admit that I find myself coming home to an empty apartment wanting to be greeted at the door by someone who loves and cares for me. Sometimes my apartment is just too empty and lonely! I watch as my friends are getting married and beginning families. I must admit I find myself wanting that as well. I am so ready to settle down and have children etc. I often am told that it will happen when I least expect it. I understand that but I’m sorry, I’m tired of hearing it and it really isn’t what I want to hear these days!!!

To be honest, I often pray for God to give me the patience and courage to wait but some days I find that so much easier than other days. I understand and truly believe that God will make it happen when it’s suppose to happen but I also wonder if that may happen through a little nudge from someone else. What if one of the matchmaker’s matches is my future husband? What a wonderful gift that would be! I guess I’ll just have to wait and see!

2 thoughts on “What Does It Say About Your Life When…..?

  1. What does it say about your life? That you are surrounded by friends who hear and understand the loneliness you express and want to help and support you!!!! I can understand being uncomfortable with set-ups, and you are completely within your rights to decline those efforts if they aren't the help your friends intend them to be.

    As one who's been-there-done-that (remember – married at 33!), I hate to admit that the "when you're least expecting it" thing was indeed true for me. My theory: when we are pursuing our dreams and seeking happiness where we're at (single or whatever), we open ourself up to new experiences and people and something new is possible.

    May this season of Advent waiting remind you that hope is not in vain. May all your prayers be answered, and may God bring you into the life of a man who's been praying for someone just like YOU!

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