What Do I Do?

I must say Ive had a rather interesting day today. This morning I went with the pastor of the new church Im working at to text study. I go with to text study every Thursday. We have breakfast and then we go to the church and discuss the texts for this week. Well one of the younger pastors…a little older than me….has a cabin near the lake for weekend getaways etc. This morning after text study he mentioned that his family, another family, and another pastor were going out there for the weekend. He thought it would be cool if I went with. I said Id see what I could do and left it at that. I said I would call him and he was like no Ill call you. After we got back in the pick-up one of the other pastors would rides along with us to text study said I think he is trying to set you up with this younger pastor. I started laughing quietly and was like here we go. Let it begin! Being a single gal I knew that people would begin to set me up. Now I would love to go away for the weekend just to get away but Im a little scared and leary about this whole blind date thing but the thing is it was never billed to me as a blind date thing if you know what I mean. So now what do I do? Do I go and have fun? The gentlemen who invited me has two young children and Im a sucker for kids so another reason would be to have fun with the kids etc? I guess Im not sure how I feel about this but it sure would be nice to get away for the weekend. What do I do? HELP!!!

7 thoughts on “What Do I Do?

  1. Go Go Go…have fun with the kids and don’t worry about the guy. If anything, you can make some good friends and have a chance to get away.

  2. I feel a little silly leaving a comment on my own blog page but had to update you all. And to answer some questions, I do feel safe. Its official. The pastor that invited me called again today and set up all the details. I will be going for the day on Sunday so on Monday evening after work, Ill have to let you all know how things went. Thanks for the comments! I love when people leave me comments on my blog, it makes my day!!

  3. I think it’s great. Never look a gift invitation in the mouth. Go, leaving all thoughts of ulterior motives behind, and have a great time.

    Can’t wait to hear how it is.

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