A Weekend Recap

Its been awhile since I last posted and also since Liz asked me what happened with my meeting on Sunday, I thought I would write an entry. My interview with the Pastor went really well. I truly feel that the conversation was God-led and that I was completely honest with Pastor Strand about how I felt etc. We spoke for over two hours and it didnt feel that long at all. Now he is going to get the councils of all the churches in that parish together to talk and see how they feel. If they feel Im a good fit, I will go to Bowman for an interview and things could move very quickly after that. If not, they would tell me and then on to the next option whatever that may be. My weekend was fun too. It was a camp reunion since two of my camp friends got married to each other. It was good to see them all again but it also made me realize how much I miss all of my seminary friends too. But you probably dont want to hear about that because Im always writing about that..LOL!! On other note, I had an embarrassing moment at the Ground Round Thursday too. My friend and I decided to go sit in the bar and eat our meal. Now some of you know that my drivers license says valid without photo because I was out of state for three years and wasnt able to renew it so they gave me this special id which Ive never had a problem with before. Hilary and I ordered our drinks and the waitress was like I need to show your id to my manager. The manager came back with this book and was like your id is not in here so I cant serve you. I was like can I show you another form of idea and she was like NO. Hilary and I were like whatever. Hilary will drink her beer and Ill just eat and not drink anything. Needless to say, the manager was like NO I CANNOT SERVE YOU IN THE BAR. So we went and ate in the dining room. Needless to say, I was a little mad since Im almost 30 years old!! Besides that, Ive NEVER EVER encountered a problem anywhere else. But enough about that. I think Ill close for now. God bless you all! Miss you lots!

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