A Weekend at the Mothership

Hello again. Well I have finally arrived back from my trip to the castle for my friends’ Mike and Kit’s wedding. It was a beautiful wedding and it was also great to see old friends. I must admit it felt like coming home. It was just such a rush to see so many old friends and feel like I never had left that place. They were there with open arms which truly made the trip even more enjoyable but it also was exhausting. Wednesday night I hopped on the train and arrive in LaCrosse at 11:15 am about 45 minutes late. Carrie’s mom then drove me to their home where Jen and Carrie then picked me up and took me to Dubuque. We arrived in Dubuque that evening. Jen and Hillary and I went for pizza at Fat Catz Pizza, came home and got Carrie and went to Cold Stone. Friday I visited some old seminary friends, went to chapel, went to dinner with some friends, and just visited. Saturday of course was the wedding so most of my day was spent enjoying the wedding, dinner, and reception. Sunday I spent time with my good friends Mark and Liz, went to supper at my fave Mexican Restaurant Los Aztecs, etc. Yesterday I went to chapel, drove to LaCrosse with Jen and waited for the train. The train was two hours late due to a pickup and freightliner accident outside of Milwaukee so Jen and I went to a carnival we saw as we were driving in town. Needless to say the train arrived at 9:45 pm when it was suppose to arrive at 7:14 pm. I got home three hours later than I should of but oh well. But enough about all of that you probably dont want to hear every detail of my trip. I just wanted you all to know that this weekend was grand. It was definetely a refreshing time for me and I dont think I will be able to wipe this smile off of my face for a long time. 🙂 Being with friends; really really good friends, just makes me treasure each and every moment. Well I suppose thats it for now. I will keep you all posted on my call process etc. For those that havent heard, I was in the Sept call process and was called to Western North Dakota. You all are in my thoughts and prayers. God bless!!

One thought on “A Weekend at the Mothership

  1. Los Aztecs with Mark and Liz???? I am so very jealous! I miss you and them and, yes, Los Aztecas, too!

    I’ve now gotten two reports about Kit and Mike’s wedding, and it sounds like it was fun.

    Thanks for checking up on me! May God be with you still through finding a call now. And remember to keep smiling 🙂 (I think of your answering machine when I say that!)

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