We Cry Out…

Now why do you cry aloud?

There are so many that cry aloud
Cry aloud at the injustices they see
Cry aloud at the way the world treats them
Cry aloud because justice isn’t being served
Cry aloud at this broken fractured world

Cry aloud–louder and louder
Hoping that their cries are heard
Over the noise of the world.

Is there no king in you?

That is the problem
Too many think they have the power.

In fact, too often they yield their power
Flaunting it in front of all the world
Flaunting it especially to those who are crying out.
God is the king!
But too many think
They are the ones sitting on the throne.

Has your counselor perished, that pangs have seized you like a woman in labor?

The world is full of so much deep pain
Like a woman in labor

Wanting all the pain to subside; to go away
Eventually the pain leads to life
And more life reminds us that God is indeed the one in control.
Yet Micah you still ask these questions

And your questions have answers.
We cry out because we want Emmanuel
To have the final Word
We want you to fulfill the promises you have given us.

And yet we look at the world around us
And all we can do
Is continue to cry out…
Hoping you will come down
To turn the world upside down
In this broken messed up world.

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