I love today’s reading from Corinthians. I know that we all have been given spiritual gifts but sometimes it is so hard to recognize or acknowledge those spiritual gifts. I love the church Im working at. They’ve made me feel welcome etc but sometimes I get so frustrated. I had youth meetings this afternoon and only two came to the sr league and one to the jr league. I know it is going to take time for them to adjust etc but its still super frustrating. I think to myself, what could I do differently? What am I do wrong? Why dont they want to come and hang out etc? I realize I’ve only been here for about six months but I still wish more youth would come to events. I guess what Im trying to say is Im so glad I have my RevGalBlog Pals and other friends that I can confide in. What I could really use right now is someone to affirm my spiritual gifts? What I could use is someone to tell me that its ok to be frustrated? What I also could use are some nice affirming and comforting hugs?

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  1. In the cyberspace mail right now: One gigantic hug for the most amazing family and youth coordinator I know.

    It’s perfectly natural to be frustrated. It is normal to wonder about your gifts. But I pray you never let the doubts and fears take over.

    T, You are full or faith and life. I admire you for your ability to interact with people of all ages. Your faith is built on Christ our solid rock. When I am on sinking sand, God’s grace shines through you.

    The kids might not be there in body, but you are, and they know that. What are the three A’s of youth ministry? Available, Authentic and… (hmm, I thought there were 3!)…

    Anyway, you are both authentic and available for them whenever they need you. And even if they aren’t there right now, they know who to turn to when no one else cares. And they will remember you.

    For now, being available is the right thing. You’re not doing anything wrong. May God bless you with patience, confidence, and reassurance, which are also a normal part of being alive.

    Miss you heaps,

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